Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Inspirations ♥

I have been watching clips from Morning Musume concerts while my boyfriends plays on his xbox and I've decided that my two idols are quite apparent. So this is my blog post dedicated to the beautiful and talented Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina.

Morning Musume is a Japanese pop group that's been around for years upon years. I am one of the biggest fans of Morning Musume ever. They're my favorite band, and if you've talked to me you've probably seen this in effect somehow. Anyway, there are "generations" of Morning Musume, and I decided a while ago that my favorite was their sixth generation, whose members are Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Fujimoto Miki, and Kamei Eri. 

Reina and Sayu are still in Morning Musume. I first loved Reina when I first learned about Morning Musume. My friends and I were going to cosplay them at an anime convention and we were to learn the dance to their song Resonant Blue. My part was Reina's part and I fell in love with her style C: 

My love for Sayu has been much more recent. I've just learned how to appreciate her beauty and talent. (To be honest I hated her at first and wanted her to graduate from Morning Musume. How silly and naive I was!) My love for Sayu started with their recent single, Maji Desu ka Ska!. 

Anyway, while watching the concert clips, I've realized I've lost a lot of what I used to be. I used to strive to be like Reina every day, her hair glitter, her earrings, her cute style and her beautiful makeup. Reina encouraged me to shine. And Sayumi encourages me to be better everyday. She often gets picked on by fans for her weak singing, however watching videos of her speak totally makes that irrelevant. She works so hard to sing and be as best she can, and she instills that same hope and perseverance in me. 

So without further ado, I picture spam my favorite idols on the face of this earth to you! 

Beautiful Sayumi

Cutie Patootie Reina

Sayu in Lolita

My girls ♥

I think they're so wonderful and beautiful! I love them dearly. Not to say I don't care about the other members. I do more than words can say. ♥

These are definitely my biases. 

Anyway, thank you for bearing with me showing the wota within me. I hope you guys have had a wonderful week and I'm about to post the second part to my new room posts. Expect that tomorrow (er... later today) and have a great day! ♥
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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