Saturday, February 25, 2012

My New Room Part 1

If you read any of my previous posts, you may have picked up that I just recently rearranged my room. I really had fun moving everything and kind of re-doing it. My previous set up included a wall, literally, FULL of pictures. So I took all the pictures down and cleaned it and here is the new desk area. Enjoy!

I m trying to go for a kind of cute look but still have a bit of an all over type theme.

My whole desk

A closer look. I put a table cloth over the top because this desk used to be my vanity and was therefore stained with makeup. 

The corner next to my desk

All of the books I couldn't bear to put in a box xD 

A teaset that I love. 

The corner of my bed with all the books I use daily

A view from the side

An antique chair of my great-great aunt's. 

As you can probably see from the background of the last picture, my room isn't perfectly clean yet. So once I do finally get around to cleaning it be expecting more pictures of the other areas in my room. 
Thanks for reading! 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pictures C:

So recently, my friend Liz asked me if she could take some picture of me in lolita for a photography contest she was entering. I don't have anything else to post but I figured I'd share the pictures with you all!

Liz won the contest first place in our district for photography. She also won first place for theme (which was like, odd fashions) and second place for portfolio. I'm so proud of her and honored to have helped her win :DD 

Well, thanks for looking C: 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here was my outfit today. I got a new sweater from a thrift store. ^^

Thanks for reading! More soon ;) 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blondes Have More Fun xD

I dyed my hair blonde last night! I am very pleased with the result. I am a natural bonde however I dyed my hair red about a year ago so I still had remnants. Now my hair is a light blonde and the tip are a sort of strawberry color, however, I think it looks very nice on me. C:

I'm not sure where my camera is but I'm going to find it within the next two days. Happy President's Day, and be expecting an outfit post on Tuesday or Wednesday. I got a new pink sweater (from the thrift store, so now really new xD) and I can't wait to put it on! See you later!~

Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lolita and Bullying

Hello everyone! A bit of personal blogging real quick;

I was in my gym class two long days ago and seemed to get my left ring finger smashed in between two weights and now the poor thing is wrapped up in a splint and probably broken. It hurts terribly and it's a bit hard to do normal things but I've been gone from this blog for so long I wanted to post an update.

So much for beautiful delicate lolita hands :C 

So back to the title! I attended a seminar today hosted by the Anti-Defamation League that was talking about the issue of cyber-bullying. It was super informational and I grew so much as a person today and it made me want to post a little up here about some bullying issues within the lolita community, primarily by each other. 

So this picture above, I want to explain why I put it up. I'm sure we're almost all familiar with Lolita Secrets. If you don't know about it, it can be a fun read every so often. However, it is a site filled with hate. I think this picture symbolizes what we need to make of our lolita community. Lolitas seem very numerous, but when you think about it, our culture has very few. We understand each other. We understand why it's better to have the actual AP print rather than a DOL replica. We understand how itchy petticoats can get. We understand how scary it sometimes is at first to go out decked out in this very outspoken fashion. We need to unit and be together. 

So I'll be the first to stand up and say Lolita Secrets needs to go. I learned today how detrimental hazing can be. Regardless of whether the face is obscured or not, the person is still being bullied. How did we go so long letting ourselves laugh at the bullying of others? We hate it when others hate on us for our fashion, so why are we allowed to do it? 

It's fine to rant about a print that looks silly or frustrations with buying problems. But calling others names, flaming, and hate is unacceptable. I honestly don't know if this idea will get anywhere, but I honestly think this is a big deal. I won't stand to watch it, and I will fight it. 

So love to all of you lovely beautiful lolita, whether you're big, small, tall, medium, short, brown haired, black, white, asian, hispanic, and anything else you might be. ♥

Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hey, all!

I don't know if you care too much for my personal life, but I am redoing my bedroom (kind of) and it's almost done, therefore I'll be posting pictures soon. Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lolita and Confidence

After watching a video by Peachie Princess, I wanted to do my own Lolita Confidence post. Or any confidence post about dressing in any fashion that stands out. So here I go!

1. Do you feel good in it?

If you're trying out a new style, this is the very first thing to assess before walking out of the house in it. There have been times where I was at home, not feeling quite 100 percent with my outfit, and once I stepped in the school doors I wanted to turn around get go change. But by that point, it's usually too late, so you end up feeling (usually) uncomfortable and stupid all day, and the fact that people ARE looking at you sucks.

The best thing to do with a lolita outfit in this situation is think of the exact style you are going for. Whether it be sweet, classic, gothic, guro, shiro, pirate, country.... whatever your favorite style is, stick with it.  I, for one, love sweet lolita. I've tried out some classic coords and I just don't feel good in them. I feel frumpy and a little stupid. it's not my cup of tea. Once you decide what you love and feel best in, the other parts will be easier to handle.

2. Know what you're getting into. 

Something I hear a lot of new J-Fashioners saying is complaints about the way people react to how they're dressing. I remember my first day wearing a decora coord to my school. I go to a public school in a somewhat poor community. It's well known that the kids at my school are less well behaved than at most schools and there is a huge problem with fighting and discrimination at my school. However, I knew this before I walked in.

I was a freshman so I wasn't really someone everyone knew. I heard curse words, slurs, people asking me what I was wearing. People touched and grabbed my hair without permission and it was a terrible first day. However, I felt good with what I was wearing and why I was wearing it so I just ignored the harassment. This, I think, is what people have the worst problem getting over when going out in J-Fashion. You just need to know, I will offend and upset some people with how I look. People will be rude. People will try and make me feel bad. If you can get over this fact, then you're set to jet.

The best thing to do is constantly remember why you're doing it. If harassment leaves you feeling terrible all day, then this fashion isn't for you. You're dressing this way because YOU want to. Because YOU like it. No one else can tell you what to wear or why to wear it and if you remember this, then you can defeat any sort of harassment. But another great way to overcome things are...

3. Your friends! 

Yesterday, I wore lolita to school. I was walking home with my friend Hannah and we were talking about how people talk bad about each other. "That's what I love about you," she said. "You can walk around, dressing in lolita, and not care whether people are talking bad about you. You don't care what anyone thinks or says."

I kid you not, if it were not for the support and love of my friends, I would never come to school dressing lolita. I get scared sometimes. The... "walk of shame", I would call it, before I get into my school is one of the worst feelings. People outside of the school stare at me and laugh. I always have this though of going back to the car and asking to go home and change. But I keep walking. More people are looking at me. I hear people saying things like "why is she wearing that?" or "what the!". However, once I get into the commons, and I see my group of friends, they help me through it.

Some of them won't say anything, some of them will give me compliments. I'll get hugs and go along with my day. My friend Ashley, also a lolita, will tell me how cute I look. Some of my friends won't even say anything, as if I was dressed just like anyone else. I think those people help me the most, because they realize clothes are clothes (although compliments are nice too xD)

I guess what I'm trying to say is, as long as your friends are there and not harassing you, it feels a lot easier. If they love you or even care about you slightly it won't matter what you look like. It won't matter what you wear. You're still you. And they like you for a reason. As long as they're standing behind you, everything will be alright. Heck, you might even make new friends by wearing lolita.

4. Always be kind

I've gotten some pretty odd compliments and questions asked before. I've never once been mean or rude to someone if they ask about why I'm wearing it or something, because nine out of ten times, the people actually want to know. If someone asks what seems a rude question, just answer back kindly. Don't be mean back and don't be rude if someone says something rude to you. You're so much better than that. Just kindly say, it's a Japanese fashion, and I'm wearing it because I like it. Most people will even appreciate you for saying this.

If you're going to a place a lot or everyday, like school or work, then the questions will stop coming as often because they'll get used to it. And being mean will just make a harsher environment for yourself rather than if you're just nice. However, this is not to say don't defend yourself. IF someone is hurting you, contact someone who can help you or if worst comes to worst, use some self defense.


All in all, lolita is a hard fashion to go out in. But as long as you feel good, know what's coming, have support, and be kind, you'll be a very confident lolita. Don't just expect bad either. Yesterday I went to go see a play and when I walked in someone yelled "Lolita!". There are people who know what you're doing and there are people who will love it. And without further ado, I'll show you guys just what I wore yesterday. I think I would go so far as to say it's my best coordinate yet.

Like what you see? Check out my lookbook! 

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped some of you with being confident! 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kawaii Companions ♥

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. Two nights ago I received the prize from a giveaway I entered a long time ago. Long story short, some things didn't work out with the person who was sending it so the other winner and I contacted the company that was "co-hosting" the giveaway, Kawaii Companions.

I just want to take a moment to say that with all the crazy stuff, they were so nice and so helpful. I had won their Ichigo ring, but since I had to wait so long they sent me the set of both the ring and necklace. Their customer service was amazing, and I highly recommend buying from their store [: 

And I figured I'd give a review on the items I received. So here I go!~

After contacting the KC, I received my items within a week. They were in a super padded envelope with two of their cards and the ring and necklace in their boxes. I expected them to be kinda small, so they were much bigger than I was expecting. They're made of hard plastic or something, I can't tell but it looks so durable and I'm not concerned with them breaking. The ring is thoroughly glued and secured on so that's always a plus. Once the store comes out with the other characters, I definitely plan on buying some more. 

The necklace compared to my hand

Ring compared to my hand 

Me wearing the necklace

In conclusion, Kawaii Companions has really durable and cute items. I love the necklace especially. I love their stuff though, it's the background on my computer! 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥