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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you're having a great Christmastime. I haven't been blogging very often but I will soon. I'm getting some ideas of things to blog about. And thanks to my one follower C:

For any of my reader(s) who follow me on Tumblr, they probably are aware of my URL, "swirlypurpleandgreencrayons". I wanted to share a story about the origin of that for a moment. About three years ago, I read the book "The Secret". In this book, it talked of how to get what you want through the Law of Attraction. In short, this idea is that whatever you think of a lot comes to you. Anyway, one of the tests to prove whether you feel the secret is true or not is to think of some item that you would like to appear in your life somehow. I decided that my item would be a crayon, that was purple and green swirled together. A "swirly purple and green crayon". This soon morphed from being a proof of the secret to a thing that I wanted before death. I named my blog that, my facebook URL is even swirlypurplengreencrayons.

However, I forgot about it

Today my boyfriend and I exchanged gifts for Christmas. I open it and there are about four or five heart shaped crayons, swirly purple and green. I was so excited. I can't believe it. I'm so grateful for him. He made my wish come true, and I think it to be the greatest Christmas present I've ever gotten. If you're reading Brandon, thank you. ♥

Thanks for reading my Christmas story. Happy holidays!

Yours truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Things have been really crazy with finals going on. I'm planning some new posts once Christmas break starts C:
 Your truly, Jamie ♥

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to: Decora for Beginners

In all my years of studying decora, I've never once come across a really great article on how to start out being a decora or anything of the like. The only one I can think of it from a long time ago on Wikihow, and even then I didn't find it too helpful.

I like to consider myself an experienced Decora girl. We're a dying breed. I don't see many recent pictures and from what I hear Decora isn't that big in Japan anymore. Fairy-Kei, Lolita, and Mori-Girl are more popular, based on what I've heard. Regardless, there are still some of us who love decora and some of us who still want to start with the fashion, maybe bring it back to life. So here's a complete guide on how to begin a decora wardrobe, "lifestyle" and overall achieve decora.

1. Research
There is no such thing as getting a fashion style right upon first try, or even getting a fashion syle right without tons of research. The most simple thing to do would be to simply look up "decora' on Google, however, much doesn't come up as you may notice. It's all about cabinets /: So, if you're using Google to research Decora, you might want to click the images button. Look around and click on each color classification. Pink is the most popular kind of decora, although rainbow decora is seen around sometimes. Honestly, you can choose any color of decora you want. I've done blue decora and rainbow, and my friend Ashley has done yellow-orange-and-black decora for our school spirit day. Decora is about creativity.

Things You Should Know About Decora 
-This is not FRUiTS! FRUiTS is a magazine that has street shots of decora girls. 
-One of decora's main points is to look like a little kid playing dress up. It should not look mature or sexy. 
-Decora is not s "thrown together" style. It has to be revised and edited many times and it take practice to get it right. 
-Although decora is a lenient fashion style there are some main points you must have in order to be "decora" or "not decora". However, that does not mean that there are lots of restrictions. Be creative!

Okay, let's get the basics of decora down. I'll take a picture I found on Google as an example. There are Four different sections of a decora outfit (this idea came from

The worst thing for a beginner in decora to think about is the outfit as one whole piece. There is sometimes so much going on in the outfit that it can become overwhelming and it can cloud the brain. So it is a very good idea to think of the outfit in parts; The head, the torso, the bottoms, and the legs. The first focus is the head.

In the picture above, the head area is highlighted. One thing decora is known for is it's abundance of hair clips. In my decora experience, I would say this is one of the key points of decora. There are hardly ever decoras out there with just a few things on their head or nothing at all. This first part of decora is a very key point, so if you want to become a decora girl, you might want to look around for some cute hair clips and barrettes.

The second section is the torso. This part is important only in the fact that it is the first part someone will see when they look at your outfit. I should not have too many things going on and it should be fairly simple. Layers are key here to get the desired effect. 

The third section, the bottoms, are a lot like the torso. They should be kept simple and not too much should be going on down there. One thing that is very very popular with the decora style is skirts. This isn't a limitation- you can wear pants. But it is very much recommended that you wear a skirt, as it will help with the overall flow of the style and the kid themed look.

The fourth part, the legs, are a very crucial point in decora. They never leave their legs bare. They don't wear heels, as they want to have a childish feel. Overlapping socks and having mismatching shoes is something that is very popular. 

Once you know these four parts of the outfit, it is much easier to begin getting a wardrobe. I'd say the most important thing to do at this point is decide on a color of decora that you absolutely love or want to try out before building up your wardrobe. The color I usually tend to go for is pink, because that's very traditional, however you can do whatever color you want. Once you've decided a color, the next step is to start building. 

2. Building a Decora Wardrobe 
When I first started decora, I had the impression that it would be very easy to just find stuff and put it together. However, this didn't turn out so well. I spent all of my time focusing on the little details- barrettes and hair clips and even surgical masks- that I forgot all out the base of the outfit. The whole outfit is supported by what you're wearing on your torso and bottom. This is what hold the outfit together and creates a great base to work off of, almost like a canvas. My suggestion is to go looking around for plain colored shirts. I gathered a bunch of pink tank tops (once I realized I was doing it wrong).

Don't fret- you don't need to spend tons of money buying Japanese clothes or ordering offline. It's just as simple as looking in the right places. In this way, decora can be very cost-efficient as opposed to styles like lolita. Places like Wal-Mart have super cheap t-shirts all the time, and it's fairly easy to find some pink or white ones, if you want a sweeter look. It's especially easy if you want to go for more of a dark look, you can buy black and white t-shirts for like, nine dollars. it's awesome. Also, it's fine to be a little creative. A while back I was at Kohls and bought this Marilyn Monroe t-shirt for ten dollars; although it had a big design on the front and was decorated with some red, I put a pink tank top over it. The black polka dotted pattern with the pink looked so cute and super decora. That was my favorite of my decora coordinates.

          Ideas for Decora Shirts
               ♥ Kohls V-Neck Tee
               ♥ Kohls Button Accented Top
               ♥ Kohls Striped V-Neck Tee
               ♥ Kohls Scoopneck Camisole
               ♥ Target White Tank 
               ♥ Target Hello Kitty Graphic Tee

Once you've got some tops, it's time to get to the bottom of things (oh I'm so punny). This part I find a little hard. It's not everywhere where you can find a tiered and polka-dotted pink and white shirt. However, that doesn't stop us! The skirt I always use for my decora I found a Hot Topic for five dollars. It's tiered and hot pink. Good places to look for cutesy-looking skirts are thrift stores, or even in children's sections at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Keeping an open eye and an open mind is a good idea when looking for decora-esque things. Also, keep in mind that you can add things to the outfit! I have a couple pink bows at my house that I just safety pin onto the skirt to make it a bit more cute. As stated previously, a darker decora look would be easier because black skirts are everywhere C: Also, petticoats, unlike in lolita, are acceptable to wear on the outside in decora. If you have a petticoat or little tutu laying around, it's okay to wear it on the outside.

          Ideas for Decora Skirts:
                ♥ Hot Topic Pink Petticoat
                ♥ Hot Topic Ruffley Petticoat 
                ♥ Hot Topic Tiered Tutu
                ♥ Kohls Pink Skirt
                ♥ Target White Knee-Length Skirt
                ♥ Wal-Mart Tiered Skirt

You can also wear dresses with decora, as well as pants. pants aren't common though, but be creative and fit your color scheme, and it'll be perfect ;D

Once you've got these two main parts out of the way, you not only have everyday wearable clothes, but you have cute decora clothes too. Now for the accessories. This is the part where hoarding becomes a big part of being a decora girl. I keep things obsessively, so it has been easy for my to gather enough stuff to do decora. One thing you must keep an eye out is for cute hair barrettes and clips. Maybe find some of the clips your parents put in your hair from when you were a little kid. Pick out the ones with your desired color. Places like Wal-Mart and drugstores always have place where you can get little barrette packages. They come in bows, plastic animals or candy, just anything cute. It's good to acquire a lot of these so you have a lot to choose from and a lot to choose fro, size and shape wise, so they can fit in your hair and look good. You don't want to have all of the barrettes in your hair be homogeneous. This looks weird (not that it's not already weird XD) and it's kinda boring. XD You can also look at Etsy shops and get cute handmade things, or places like KawaiiGoods sell cute kawaii type Japanese items specifically for decora and lolita styles.
One word of advice, look in the kids section for some good ones.

          Ideas for Decora Hair Accessories
               ♥ KawaiiGoods Cute Popsicle Hair Clip
               ♥ Hot Topic Cute Bunny Clips
               ♥ Hot Topic Pink Bows
               ♥ KawaiiGoods Cute Kitty Clip
               ♥ Kohls Satin Bows
               ♥ Target Pink Flower Clips

The next thing to look for are socks and shoes. Many shoes that are popular in decora are converse styled shoes with Hello Kitty on them or just flats in general. I always wear big fuzzy pink slippers with my decora outfits. Also another key point is layering socks or just having stuff on your legs. My usual decora outfit has a very short skirt, however I pair some cute socks and leg warmers with it and the length of the skirt doesn't look as risque. In this day and age, it is relatively easy to find socks for decora. Stripes are good, just get a bunch that pair well, or get some white or pink legwarmers.

          Ideas for Decora Leg Accessories
               ♥ Hot Topic Hello Kitty Slippers 
               ♥ Claire's White Legwarmers
               ♥ Claire's Polka Dotted Over the Knee Socks 
               ♥ Target Patterned Tights
               ♥ Target Hello Kitty Socks 

Other miscellaneous things you can use are stickers and toys that you can fine anywhere. Add purses and stuffed animals and really just anything.

          Ideas for Misc. Decora Items
               ♥ Claire's Over the Shoulder Hello Kitty Bag 
               ♥ Claire's Hello Kitty Necklace
               ♥ Claire's Super Cute Strawberry Studs
               ♥ Claire's Wand :D
               ♥ Target My Little Pony Toy
               ♥ Target Hello Kitty Stickers

3. Putting It All Together!

Let me emphasize again that this style is not just "thrown together". It takes time and practice to achieve the desires look! 

So now that we have everything, what do we do with it? Remember back to the research you did. Maybe look up a couple inspiration pictures. The first thing to always start with is putting together the baseline, aka the torso and bottoms. This part can be tricky because you just don't know if it will look good with the outfit yet, but it's up to you to decide what looks good on you. It's often a good idea to layer clothes. (If your color is pink, for instance, start with a white t-shit and a pink tank top on top. This will give you a more innocent and sweet looking look. If you want a darker feel, put a black t-shirt with pink. The base part doesn't need to be overly detailed. let me give an example...

In this picture, both of the girls are wearing just a plain ol' t-shit. The girl on the left just left it as such, however the girl on the right added a pale yellow-and-pink jacket. The next part to focus on are the bottoms, which also are usually just skirts. I use a tiered hot pink skirt, and I later add some bows to it with safety pins.

Photo found on
Now, in the above picture, the girl layers two petticoats over another and adds a bow. This is totally appropriate and very popular for decora.

Another popular thing now in decora is to wear a lolita dress as a base, but this is also known as "deco-lolita". However, this can be counted as decora as well as lolita. Another popular thing is to wear kigurumis as a base. Examples below :DD

Deco-loli more on the deco side 
The girl second to last on the right is in a kigurumi 
Next you add accessories. There is no correct way to do this. You put on what you think looks good! layers are always good. Make sure your bows look good and not just clumsily added on.

Above is a really great and one of my favorite examples of how to out in hair clips. Notice how they're not crazy all over the place, although she has a lot. She also has very cute stickers and a face mask. even her eyelashes are decked out! Don't be afraid to be creative! C: 

So, before you put on all of the fun barrettes and hair clips, it is a good idea to put on your necklaces. This decreases the risk of your hair getting messed up, or the hair underneath the barrette or clip to be come uneven and messy. Remember not to put on too many necklaces; this can impair your breathing! Once you have all the necklaces on, you can move on to hair.

Notice how in the pictures, most of the girls pile the barrettes on their front bangs. This is a key part of decora and is what most people do. If you don't have a bangs, you can fake it using a piece of long hair from one side and draping it over your forehead to the other side and clipping it there. Once you start adding hair accessories, make sure it is all even in the hair. You don't want your hair to "fold" underneath the clips, as this looks tacky, lazy, and your hair looks weird once everything is out.

Next are the bracelets, shoes, and socks. Bracelets are relatively simple to put on, and you can even use arm warmers. Don't wear too many, however, you might be mistaken for the Kandies style. Socks can be overlapped, the feet don't need to be matching. Add bows or little toys at random places around your waist. Have fun! One thing I do frequently is use slippers for decora shoes. I find this to add to the childish look.

Once your decora outfit is carefully put together, it's time to show it off! Don't get discouraged if your first try doesn't look like you walked straight out of Harajuku, I assure you this will not happen. It takes time, practice, and patience.

4. The Decora Lifestyle

By lifestyle, I do not mean you have to act a certain way to dress decora. I more mean things you can do to inspire further deco-ness. If you're anything like me, you'll go through phases, sometimes forgetting that you want to be a decora girl. This means that you'll forget to buy cute things every so often. Good reminders can be to decorate your phone so you have the reminder there of decora.

Overall, just try to always be looking for things you can incorporate into your outfit. This is indeed essential to becoming a successful decora girl. (or boy, I keep forgetting to say boy!)

My friend Natalie is on the left, I am on the right C: 
Thank you for reading my post! This took about two weeks to write up C:
Yours truly, Jamie

Other Helpful Sources: 
  ♥How to be Decora
  ♥Kawaii and Decora
  ♥Decora Fashion
  ♥Dress Harajuku Style

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Hello, all!

I'm working on a new "How to" post all about decora fashion. So stay tuned. I also got a new camera, so better pictures on the way :DDD

Yours truly, Jamie.

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I didn't forget about you guys

Don't worry, I'll have new posts soon. I should make a day that I just always post, and any other time will be extra and special ♥

Anyway, Be expecting posts for this weekend. Byebye!~

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

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Phone news

So I dropped my phone in water a couple days ago. This was why I said my phone was broken. It was, I was told. I put it in some rice right away. It wouldn't turn on this morning. But my dad told me to charge it, so I did, and it started working. Woo hoo! So get rid of that last post about no pictures and no phone. :]

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

Some stuff

Hello everyone! XD

Anyway, I broke my phone /: I won't be posting many picture posts for the time being unless they're old pictures or I find a camera of some sort. Anyway, I've been looking up the fashion mori girl a lot. I really like it. I've been lately thinking of some fashions I can just do everyday, kind of like default-easy fashions. I'm sure that's not fair to anyone who seriously does mori girl as a lifestyle to say it's easy. I guess I mean it's less restricting and more easy to find things for it just around town. Anyway, I'll be trying that out, maybe posting pictures if I can get a hold of a camera, maybe my friend Natalie will...

Through my researching of mori girl, I've found there to be a lot of similarities to dolly-kei. I wonder if these fashions are often confused? Yeah, that's all I'm wondering. Bye bye for now!~

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How To: Reusable Bows

Hello, my name is Jamie and I am famous at my school for gigantic bows. I often get asked, hey where do you get those? My answer, oh I made it. Everyone seems to marvel at that. However, I never set foot near a sewing machine in the process. I don't even use thread or needle. How is this you may ask?! Well, I'll teach you right now. All you need is a hair tie (depending on the size of the bow you might need two) and a scarf of some kind. I'll be using a long red scarf. and a white hair tie so you can see the steps. It's recommended to use a black one or one that matches the color of the bow.

All you need! 
The first step, if you have a long scarf, is to lay it out flat and bring the two sides in to meet in the middle. In other words, you're folding the scarf into fourths. If your scarf is square shaped, you're going to fold the corners into the middle to make a smaller square. 
I put a paper under the red scarf because it was hard to tell I folded it
Now this is where you need to consider the floppy-ness and size of the bow. If you have a fairly big and this scarf, such as the red one (it's about three feet long and six inches wide) then you would fold the scarf in half width wise and then again bring the two sides in to the middle once more. This will make a small bow... well, when compared to big bows. For a square scarf, you'd fold the corners in again to make it smaller. 

More folds, woo hoo!
The third step is to scrunch! If you have a long scarf, you want to overlap the pieces in the middle to make it less floppy and more defined.  Then, use your hand to scrunch it in the middle. Without tying it, make some adjustments to get the right kind of shape. If you have a square scarf, it should be pretty tick by now. Choose which side you want to be the top and bottom and scrunch it with your hand. Make adjustments to get the desired shape. 
Scrunched! Make sure the two sides of the bow are proportional to each other
Now, take the hair tie and pull it to the center of the bow and tie it around a couple times. make sure it's tight and keeps the shape of the bow. Now, you can pull two sides of the hair tie that's around the bow apart from each other a bit to give the middle part of a bow. You can either do this or tie a completely different colored ribbon around it.

I guess I didn't take a picture of the green one like this...
Now you're done! Enjoy you bow and attach it anywhere you want, your shirt, skirt, bag, whatever, using pins and clips. I usually attach it to my hair using bobby pins and barrettes. Be careful of the weight of the bow, it'll probably be pretty heavy if it's anything like my green one. 

Desired look of the bow
Once you're done using it, just take the hair tie and pull it right out. Unravel the scarf and there you have it. You can use this over and over again to have both a scarf and a bow. :] 
Voila! Reusable. 
Thanks for reading! I wish you luck on your bow endeavors. 
Yours Truly, Jamie ♥

I saw Victoria make a post about Lookbook so I thought I'd check it out. Hm, I'd say I'm giving a review of Lookbook now, so here it goes.

Lookbook is a place where fashion lovers can display their outfits to other fashion lovers. There are all kinds of style ranges, lolita, hipster, just plain ol' everything. it's super easy to use too. One thing I like about Lookbook is it's easy to use layout. Everything is in bold capital letters and it's very easy to read. You can "become a fan" of someone who's outfits you especially enjoy and you can "hype" about them. This is like voting for who is going to be on the top of the hot page.

Another thing I like is you can link it to twitter, facebook AND tumblr. This doesn't happen very often. And right off the bat it lets you decide what you want to update on those profiles and what you don't. You can post your outfits and even label the pieces you're wearing, giving the brand, price, and category. You can create a color scheme to go with the outfit. I just love it.

There are rules to posting pictures, which I find to also be wonderful. You must have a full body shot (thank god!) and there can't be anything to get in the way of viewing the picture. In other words, no crappy picnik letters about how some guy broke your heart scribbled across your face and shirt.  No other people are allowed in the picture, just you. This can be helpful so you actually know who it is you're looking at, as well as it's not just some free-for all photo sharing website. I recommend this to any die-hard fashionista.

I honestly think I'll become a big huge fan of Lookbook and I think everyone who even kind of likes anything fashion related should check it out. It's easy to use and easy to sign up (you can use facebook). I already fanned fifty people and I haven't even been a part of Lookbook for twelve hours.

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Evolution of my Decora

Decora is a Japanese street fashion that is dying off quickly, I hear. I've been into it for, oh, I'd say six years now. However, I only started attempting to dress in decora three to four years ago.

Over all my decora experience, I've found it is one of the easiest fashions to find stuff for, however it is on of the hardest fashions to hit dead on. I've been to many cons and there's almost always a Japanese street fashion panel. I walk in and there is the whole gang; lolitas (especially), a ganguro, a gyaru, a visual kei, (plus all sorts of sub genres and sub categories galore.) and yes, a decora. But I rarely ever see a good decora. There will be a talk about decora- briefly- saying "just throw stuff together! it's everything random!" but that's not really how it is. I always cringe a bit to see these "experts" saying how easy it is to achieve and how fast you can get into the decora fashion. Decora is something that has taken me years to perfect, and thus I go into my evolution of my decora fashion.

I learned about decora early in my sixth grade year. Remnants of my newbie-ness are left on my old neopets account ("I like to think of myself as a Harajuku Scene girl"). However, it wasn't until my freshman year in high school that I was actually inspired to try decora out. I was doing a project for a class where I talked of "all" the Japanese street styles and explained them. My friend Kim and I were slowly merging into the world of Japanese street fashion.

I remember the first day I dressed decora at school. As I walked in I felt this twinge of regret. I wanted to run back to my mom's car and ask her if I could go home and change. The feeling didn't get any better as I walked in, ghetto people screaming at me and I heard nasty comments behind my back. I wanted to cry, but I kept walking. This was the moment that I realized decora was absolutely for me. I saw my friends, sitting in their usual gathering talking about whatever, and suddenly everyone was in awe. "Jamie, you look so cute!", "Where did you get your necklaces?!" Comments showered me asking all about my outfit and everything about it. Suddenly I didn't want to go home. The rest of the day I paraded around the school feeling as good as I did when i got dressed in the morning. I loved the standing out despite the comments, and I realized that i was doing what I loved. The next couple days I dressed likewise. This kind of style got me known as "the girl who dresses weird" that I am forever known as at my school.

However, this was just the beginning. I really kind of sucked at decora. I didn't understand the concept and without further ado, here are some pictures.

Me and NDK, an anime convention
Me in 8th grade, during my decora beginnings.

 All of these pictures are pretty much from me in my freshman year. My concept of decora then was that of many people's; just throw random crap together and you get decora. But that's not exactly what it was. I was call myself rainbow decora by pairing random colored hair clips, random colored shirts and necklaces and saying that was decora.

However, in most of my newer pictures, Such as the next one in this little line of pictures here, I was growing into learning that decora is an art. Just as in photography or painting or any kind of art, you need a color scheme. Rainbow wasn't cutting it. I also learned that the decora style I wished to achieve kind of stayed away from black and dark colors.

A newer picture of me experimenting with  fairy kei but looking more decora
After my freshman year, I started to learn the tricks of the trade. I strayed away from wearing rainbow colored necklaces and realized the main focuses of decora. What I once thought was a necklace based fashion turned out to be more of a hair clip based fashion.

I became aware that all of my attempts were lacking the main points of decora. I also realized that decora was mainly a pink style.

This brings me to newer years; my sophomore and junior years of high school. These years I've been losing my decora roots a bit to lolita fashion. My sophomore year was filled with lack of dressing up altogether, so I hardly have any picture from then. However this year I think I've been improving my decora looks. I now have legwarmers and various socks, a crucial part of decora. I focus less on bracelets and necklaces and more on the hair clips and clothing pieces. Decora, I've learned is all about layers. But you can't just throw them all together and expect a masterpiece. I spend hours a day the night before crafting my decora outfits. Does this shirt look good over this one? Will I be hot? Does this pink look too purple? Should I go just with pink or add another color? The possibilities are endless, really. But I feel all of this hard work and determination has made me a better decora girl today than I ever have been. I guess the whole point of this post is to banish the ideas that decora is a thrown together fashion. Here are some new pictures. Enjoy ;D 

My friend Natalie and I at NDK

Me at NDK

A watered down version of decora

Decora at school ♥
I hope you enjoyed this post on my evolution of decora and have a good day ♥

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Couple of Things

Hello! I didn't write anything yesterday, but that's fine. I'll tell you about yesterday then. 

I had dressed in what I call classic winter lolita. It was very fun, I enjoyed my color scheme. I was wearing a red dress I found in a thrift store that has a white print on it. I've only worn it once before, actually on a snowy day. Along with it I wore a white cardigan and fuzzy white scarf. I wore white socks and brown Uggs (I know I know, I'm being scorned.) 

The Uggs thing was actually the biggest thing that was bothering me about the whole outfit. I was definitely afraid that my loli friends would look and give me that, she can't be serious look, but when I asked for opinions, they were actually pretty supportive. The night before I had asked my one of my favorite lolita tips blogs about the Uggs. The owner of the blog responded quite negatively saying something along the lines of Uggs look lazy with the elegance of lolita and she suggested me buy other shoes... yeah because I'm gonna go buy new shoes the night before. Whatever! I wore the outfit and got kind of positive responses. My friend Ashley said it added to the wintry feel and gives a more of a practical look. Her only suggestion was that I wear another piece that's also brown next time, which I totally agreed with. My best friend said pretty much the same thing and said the way I wore it was really quite cute. 

I also learned that I only feel really good in sweet loli /: Anyway! Here are some pictures ;D 

I really loved this coord but I felt kinda fat in it because the cardigan is stretched out a bit /: Another downfall of the outfit was I kept sweating, yuck :C 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Same Night

I think Brandon is mad at me. I am just really getting so tired, I mean, physically. I think I'm exhausted always. I didn't eat much today, and thinking back it probably wasn't the greatest idea I've had. Tomorrow I have Japanese club and I have a bunch of homework, that including Biology and English, as well as Math and French, but I never do french anyway. it's like ten thirty, no wonder I feel exhausted I barely get sleep. Hopefully I'll get to bed around midnight and wake up tomorrow at five so I can go to school early and start getting ready early too. Maybe even curl my hair.

First post

I'm writing this with my mom behind me... not the best idea. She always complains that I type too loud. My name is Jamie, I'm sixteen and I love decora and lolita. I often overwhelm myself with schoolwork or procrastination, but I am yet very passionate and determined. I guess I'm wanting to start a blog from reading other blogs helping with fashion tips and just stuff.

Back again. Anyway, I'm kind of worried about school and stuff, maybe if I keep up a blog and keep up this and that I'll get better at managing things. I doubt I will though.