Friday, December 28, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Books Every Lolita Should Read

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful last couple days of 2012. Today, I will be posting with the Lolita Blog Carnival about five books every lolita should read! I love the idea for this post. Reading is one of the most crucial parts of my life. I absolutely adore reading.

1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov 

This is the very first book I believe every single lolita should read. It is the book that most people would mistake it for when you say "this is lolita". I understand that this book is seen in a very bad light, but I enjoyed reading it... well. Hm, how should I word this? xD It is a very good example of wonderful prose. I enjoy higher reading, and this book is definitely under that category. Nabokov's use of vocabulary is astonishing.

However, I also feel that every lolita should read this so that they don't make rash assumptions about this book. It's one thing to call it crap and the like after reading it. You have formed a well educated opinion. But deciding that it's the devil because it gives you a bad name, but not looking into it? That's just ignorant. 

2. Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto 

Most lolitas have seen this hilarious movie about friendship, however, I found the book to be significantly more entertaining. This book isn't a hard read at at, and it follows, for the most part, closely to the plot of the movie. I think every lolita who likes Kamikaze Girls the movie, should see where the idea originated from. [: 

3. The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory 

I may just be putting this book in here because it's one of my all time favorite books, however I think there are plenty of lolitas out there who enjoy the historical aspect of lolita. The Other Boleyn girl is a fiction novel based on the story of Mary and Anne Boleyn, who lived in the court of King Henry VIII during the Early 1500's. 

4. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

Although I didn't particularly enjoy this book, I think it is a basic book that most lolitas should read. Seeing as how Alice in Wonderland motifs are used incredibly throughout the whole lolita fashion. That's pretty much all I have to say about that book xD 

5. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
I loved this book a lot. I mostly just included it though, because a lot of other people did, I have read it, and I had a hard time thinking of a last book to add. xD 

Thank you for reading this Lolita Blog Carnival post! Check out what the other girls were writing about:

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I was going to do an outfit of the day post, but then my camera decided to die on my and NOT import all my pictures. C'est la vie. I do really need to charge it. Anyway, this is mostly just a post to let you all know that I'm still alive and to wish everyone happy holidays!

I will probably post later tonight or tomorrow when my camera is more charged, as well as a Lolita Blog Carnival post on Friday. Also, I will be posting a Christmas Haul post! That one is super exciting.

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Underrated Colors

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week. I just recently started my winter break, so hopefully I'll have more blogging time. Today, I'll be posting with the Lolita Blog Carnival about Underrated Colors!

The Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of bloggers who dress in lolita, and each week, we post about one of the same topics. You can visit our facebook page HERE!

Today's topic, underrated colors, is a topic I hold very dearly to my heart. A couple years ago, when I was first starting out in lolita, my favorite color was green. I asked my grandmother to sew me a dress for my birthday, and it was a lovely shade of muted mint green.

After posting my outfits on the Lolita Forums, I received an overwhelming amount of hate. Not specifically on my outfits, but more on the color of my dress. One person went so far as to even say it wasn't a lolita color. I was totally upset by this. How could colors be deemed as "lolita" or "not lolita"?

These are the three colors I feel are most underrated in the lolita style: peach, muted mint, and royal purple. 

Peach is one of my absolute favorite colors ever. I think it looks beautiful and sweet, especially paired with a creamy white. I think this color is often ignored, and I can't even think of a dress I've seen with this color. I feel like it would be a great alternative to the color pink, especially in sweet or classical lolita. 

I love the muted mint color. I think it adds a bit more elegance to an outfit, rather than the brighter baby pastel mint. This color seems a lot more adult to me and I feel like it's a versatile color. I, myself, have a skirt in this color, and it is a very fun piece to play around with. 

And last but not least, royal purple. This has evolved into being one of my absolute favorite colors lately. Although lavender is a hugely popular color in the lolita style, it's darker counterpart seems to get little to no attention. I feel like royal purple would be a very beautiful color to pair with a hime or classical coordinate. I also think it would be a lovely color to pair with a black gothic coordinate. 

I even had issues finding a non-ita picture of a purple lolita dress, and I'm pretty sure this isn't even lolita, because it looks like it is probably full length. 

Comment below with colors you'd also like to see more in lolita, and if you liked this post, check out what the other girls in the Carnival think about underrated colors! 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have wonderful weekends, holidays, and let's hope the world doesn't end ♥ Be safe, everyone. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I apologize.

I apologize for my lack of blogging within the past couple weeks. I was doing pretty good, but I've just been getting overwhelmed really easily, especially with finals week and the shooting...

In July, my community was affected by the Aurora theater shooting, and many people I knew were there. Someone I knew even died. Hearing about the Connecticut shooting brought upon a whole new set of panic attacks and bad memories. I can't even comprehend what happened. It has been really bringing me down, and I needed a break from the internet for a while. I still get choked up thinking out it.

If any of you have been affected, my deepest condolences. I know how hard it can be, and I've been there. If any of you ever need anything, know that I am here for you always. Send me a message, and I will listen and understand. Time heals all wounds, but in the meantime, mourning is all that will do good. I hope everyone is being safe, and I wish you wonderful and joyous holidays.

I may be blogging within the next week, if so, see you then.
With Love and Warmth,
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NDK Part 3: J Fashion Show

Hello everyone! I realized I never finished blogging about what happened at NDK, and I know it was a while ago but I can still post. I will also be posting another post later about everything I got at NDK. Maybe I'll just do a little haul post for the last couple months before Christmas. Anyway, NDK Part 3!

So after falling asleep on Saturday, I woke up kind of later and got ready. I was going to be in a panel called J Walking Fashion Show which is basically a compilation of many different J Fashion styles all together in a fashion show! Here is my outfit.

I also saw my friend Sarah, whose outfit was absolutely gorgeous. Sarah is a gyaru. Sarah also got asked to be in the fashion show, so we went together. 

When I got to the fashion show, I was expecting about five to eight other girls to be participating as models, from previous experience. But as Sarah and I walked up to the line of models, I was completely surprised to see nearly forty models, ranging anywhere from Visual Kei to sugary sweet Lolita. 

During the fashion show, I talked to one of the cutest decoras and over all J-fashion followers I know, Saki. She actually told me my outfits get better and better each year, I was honored. A local Lolita named Raven was also in the fashion show dress in the Mori-girl style, and I got to take a picture with her. 

All of the models together
There was a winner but I don't remember who it was. xD Below are some more pictures. 

After the fashion show, Natalie and I headed down to the auction and took a bunch of silly pictures of ourselves, as per tradition. Overall, I had a very fun time at NDK this year and I always have a great time. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!

Yours truly, Jamie♥

Monday, November 26, 2012


So today started out like an average day, go to school, come home, get on the computer... 

And I saw that my last post had some comments and I got super happy and all that! I realized that I haven't posted in almost ten days and I feel totally bad, but man it seemed like ten days just passed by at the bat of an eyelash. In the past couple days, I haven't really done much except for making my own jewelry, fill out scholarship applications, have a Thanksgiving dinner and go to a lolita meetup. 

I'll be posting more about the meetup and the jewelry I made soon, as well as another Lolita Blog carnival post. In the meantime, pictures! 

A picture of my eyeball earrings and bone necklace! 

A picture my boyfriend made for me cause we're all cheesy and such. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and expect posts within the week ♥
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Wardrobe Challenge

Today I will be posting another entry alongside the Lolita Blog Carnival. For those of you who don't know, it is a group of lolita bloggers who post about the same prompt once a week.

This week's prompt is one that I was particularly excited for, the "Wardrobe Challenge". There were actually guidelines this time, and those were as stated: "take one staple wardrobe item, like a skirt or a JSK or OP and make five different coordinates with it". Being the Jamie that I am, I was totally excited.

My dear friend Kim often tells me how amazed she is by my ability to take my simple pink Bodyline dress and change it into so many different things than she could have ever imagined. Therefore, I thought I would (with the help of Polyvore) show you how to coordinate a plain colored jumper skirt. I will be using the color pink. :] Enjoy!

I've decided to only do four coordinates for the sake of time.

First I created a casual kind of look with just a blouse, the dress, some shoes and a bow. I forgot socks, I apologize. This is the kind of thing I might wear on a lazy lolita day. 

My initial idea was to create an OTT lolita look, but then I realized that it would take way longer than the rest, so I just stuck with a sweet lolita coordinate. This look was completely inspired by cotton candy. 

Next I thought I'd do kind of a gothic styled look. This is the kind of style I feel like I wear with my lolita the most, as I have a lot of black items in my wardrobe. I also like the way black and pink look together. 

One of my favorite kinds of looks- hime lolita. I really love the elegance that hime-lolita has. I've only tried one hime coordinate so I'm still a beginner. But I really love the roses and creamy colors. 

Thank you all for reading! Check out the Lolita Blog Carnival, and read the rest of the girls' posts ♥

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Today I will be talking about November 3rd, aka the day of my boyfriend, Ahnaf's concert. But mostly it's just a compilation of pictures of me, Kim, and my sister from before the concert, being silly and dumb. 

After getting ready, my sister and I took the bus and lightrail downtown. It was Ashley's first time riding the bus/lightrail plus her first time downtown without my parents there, and her first time on 16th Street Mall. She was adorable. After meeting Kim, we went to McDonalds and ate. 

We proceeded to go to The Tatted Cover Bookstore and that was really fun. We spent a good couple of hours in there, then took pictures in the bathroom. 

Then, we found this crazy bench... 

After the bench craziness, we walked to the Roxy where Ahnaf was playing and watched his concert. he did so good, I wish I took pictures, but c'est la vie! 

Thank you all for reading (mostly looking) and have a good day :DD 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, November 9, 2012

Craziness in Aurora

Hello everyone! This is kind of a personal post, so if you don't want to hear it, just ignore this. [:

Today I came to school looking forward to a normal and regular Friday. I got dressed and walked into the school like usual. I sat in the commons until the bell rang as usual. I walked to my boyfriend, Ahnaf's, first class with him- as usual- and sat down in there as usual. He has AP Music Theory, so his class is in the band room. While in there, I decided to organize the guard closet, as it was getting a bit out of hand lately.

After a little less than an hour or organization with the help of my friend, Joe, we exited the guard closet and sat down in the little foyer type area of the band room where all the other students who don't necessarily have that class sit. The regular crew was there- Anna, Melissa, Matt and Sam- and we were all just chatting.

The band room doesn't get announcements in it for some reason, so when we heard the faint sound of one, Anna went out in the hall to hear it. However, she was scolded to get back in the class but heard something about a lockdown.

After telling the band teacher, Gonzo, we realized we were in a lockdown. He turned out the lights and we hid in the guard closet until we found out that it wasn't a red lockdown it was an orange one. This meant that students cannot leave the classroom. We all just kind of sat around for a while, but as time started to pass, we began to wonder.

Two hours passed. We were still isolated in the school without any knowledge of what was going on. Ahnaf, Joe, and I (we call ourselves "The Tres Musketeers") sat around and laughed at Spongebob, played with instruments, and lie down on the floor laughing. Lunchtime started to approach and we were still in lockdown.

The lunch ladies came to each door delivering lunches to all the students. It was kinda crappy so Gonzo made us hot dogs instead. We also had hot chocolate and some people started making cookies. (The band room is like a home, full of food and basically anything you need in an emergency.) While eating, we watched Youtube videos of dumb cats for a little while.

After that was finished, one of my friends, Debi, proposed that we built a fort. And thus, we built a fort.

It was a very great fort, and if I can, I will post a video of the whole fort on this blog with a tour. We were very bored.

We took down the fort because the end of the day was nearing. They have to let us out at 3:30, right? 

Wrong. We were held at the school until ten before five. The teacher were making plans to bus us to a completely different school so that they could dismiss us and send us home. We were all very confused. Ahnaf and I were listening to a police scanner on his phone and found out that SWAT team members were all over a nearby parking lot. 

They were talking about various victims, body bags being found, and five men who were detained. The school didn't let us in on any of it. When we finally got out of lockdown, police were swarming the school grounds and leaving was nightmarish. We had been in lockdown inside the school for nine consecutive hours. 

When I finally got home, I was watching the news to see if any information had been leaked, as the news all day had been clear of anything about us. The most they said was that a car that had been being looked for was found and that's all. THAT'S ALL. Part of me really doubts that this is the only thing that happened. After hearing the police scanner, it sounds like a lot more of an issue than that. A local news station also reported that when they asked, the Police Department spokesperson said to "never call again regarding the incident." 

Overall, I am just really confused and a little bit sick and tired of all the crazy crap happening in my city. If you have read my blog for a while, you remember my post about the Aurora Century 16 shooting that was less than a mile away from my house, where the victims were people who I go to school with. And then this? It's disturbing. 

The worst part is the fact that I don't know anything about what really happened and I probably won't. I'll never know why I had to stay in the band room for nine hours without leaving. I'll never know why my plans for the rest of the day had to be cancelled because the SWAT team was outside my school. It's completely unsettling. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope your day was much better than mine. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello everyone!

I was going to post with the Lolita Blog Carnival tomorrow, but I don't think I'll have time. I thought I'd just update since I haven't really posted this week. Tomorrow I might post about the concert, but in other news, I dyed my hair.

I felt like I needed some kind of change so I found some dye we had at the house and colored my tips pink. I'll be posting more later!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Playlist

Yay! Another Lolita Blog Carnival post!

This week's topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival (a group of lolitas who blog about a specific topic each week) is "Your Lolita Playlist". I especially love this topic because I feel like I really do have a playlist that I listen to when getting ready to dress up. Since there weren't really rules or anything about how to go about this post, I just decided to chose ten songs and tell you why they're on my lolita playlist [:

1. Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu  - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is one of the most popular artists to dress up in Harajuku fashions. I love getting ready to her music because it is so upbeat and just fun to listen to. It puts me in this kind of cute mood that I feel is necessary when I'm dressing up.

2. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea by Morning Musume - If you have read my blog before, you probably know Morning Musume is one of my favorite bands ever. I love this song to get ready to because it has a cutesy and sugary feel to it.

3. Renai Circulation by Hanazawa Kana - I literally play this song every time I get dressed up. I heard it playing on one of the kawaii blogs I follow and I found it so suiting and adorable. It's a fun song, and I know all the words so I love singing with it.

4. CANDY CANDY by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - I think I'll be bombarding you guys with Kyary and MoMusu songs. I love them so much, they're my favorite to listen to and get ready. This song is also annoyingly catchy.

5. Please Mini Skirt Postwoman by S/mileage - I can never get enough of this song. Despite the odd lyrics, I adore singing and dancing to it. And I just adore S/mileage songs. They make me feel adorable.

6. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra by Morning Musume - When this song came out, it got a lot of criticism for being too childish and too cute. A big complaint was that the fans wanted a more adult song. I, however, love it. It makes me super happy when I'm getting ready for a lolita day

7. PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - How could I forget PONPONPON?

8. How To Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds - This isn't necessarily a cute or girly song, but I love jamming out and singing to this song while getting ready. Most of these songs are fast pace, and that's because I'm usually hurrying when getting ready.

9. 2.99 Cent Blues by Regina Spektor - Regina Spektor is by far my favorite artists ever. This song off of her 11:11 album is a song I literally listen to every day when I get ready. I don't know why but singing with it while I get ready gets me in a good mood and sets the mood for the day. It's a really fun song.

10. AS FOR ONE DAY by Morning Musume - This is my favorite Morning Musume song. I love dancing to it while getting ready. Actually, all of these songs I listen to primarily when I get ready, because that's when I listen to music the most.

Thank you for reading! Check out the other lolitas participating: 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween, everyone. I apologize for not posting on Monday when I said I would, I didn't end up dressing up and I've been pretty busy the past couple days. I thought I'd just post about my Halloween experience. 

Yesterday I dressed up as an insane asylum escapee and went downtown with my boyfriend. I left my house and met him at a local park. He didn't have makeup and he had to break a hundred, so we walked over to a local store and he bought makeup. Then we headed to where he used to work to pick up tickets from the singer of his band, speaking of which, he has a show on Saturday that I'll probably post about. 

Then we waited for one of his friends at a 7-11. I think there was a full moon or something because seriously there were some crazies lurking around there. We were sitting on the side talking to some weird guy who kept asking if I was a cat and then his friend was really creepy about my costume so we left and went to the front of 7-11 instead. Ahnaf was all "I think that guy was gonna rape you" and I donno, I thought he was super cute cause he was protecting me. 

We took the bus to the light rail and headed downtown. I love it there so much. Then we went to his sister's apartment and I watched Spongebob while they both got ready. Ahnaf was Eric Draven from The Crow and Cynthia, his sister, was Batgirl. We then went to eat at Noodles & CO. My dad picked me up shortly after that. 

Then I came home and it was really boring at first and I was just sitting in my room, but then my sister and I decided to watch Poltergeist. I was so proud of myself. I usually am super terrified of movies and I stay scared the whole night and can't sleep but I fell asleep right away without issues. It wasn't that scary of a movie to me though, thank goodness. And that was my Halloween! 

That is the end of this post/ I will be posting with the Lolita Blog Carnival tomorrow, so expect that! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Personal Blogging

Today I'll just be posting a personal blog about my weekend so far. I have felt pretty bored and tired and just overall not good. On Thursday, I got grounded for the dicthing I did. My only penalty was getting my phone taken, which really sucked because I use that to talk to my boyfriend, and we just started fall break so I can't even see him at school. First world problems, right? 

So, instead of texting and calling him all day, I've been drowning my sorrows in movies. On ABC is the Thirteen Nights of Halloween thing which means any movies that might seem Halloween like are playing. So Friday, I watched The Addams Family, The Addams Family Values, and a lot of The Big Bang Theory.

I'd never seen any of the Addams Family movies before (only parts of the TV show) so that was really cool and I enjoy them a lot. Although it made me sad, cause the relationship Morticia and Gomez have remind me of my boyfriend and I so I was missing him fairly bad. So then I fell asleep Friday around nine-ish. 

Saturday I woke up around noon and went straight onto the computer. My friend Lorie was going to have a birthday party downtown, so I started to get ready for that around one. The party was going to happen at six so I was ready really early. I was dressed lolita and ready to go, wasting time watching Whose Line Is It Anyway with my sister and then Lorie texted me saying that the party was cancelled. 

I sadly got back in my pajamas and once again sunk downstairs into a sulky movie marathon. That night, I watched a movie that my french teacher lent me called The City of Lost Children, Practical Magic, Teen Witch, and a bunch of Big Bang Theory. The City of Lost Children was a marvelous movie, might I just say. Oh my goodness the cinematography was breath-taking. 

Teen Witch was a really funny 80's movie that I overall enjoyed and Practical Magic had some parts with possession in it which freaked me out a little. Possession is so scary to me. 

Tonight, I am finally working up the courage to watch The Exorcist 2. The first Exorcist movie scared me so bad that I've been scarred since, but I really think I have the courage to watch it. Besides, since I've gotten grounded, I've slept an unhealthy amount. I woke up around eleven today, went to my cousin's birthday party, got home at two fifteen and slept until six. 

Then I went to my friend Kim's house and we talked while watching The First Wives Club and then proceeded to watch the beginning of Jane Eyre, the 2011 version. You know, I've decided that I love Bette Midler as an actress. She's just wonderful. 

Tomorrow I get to go to my therapist for the first time since July, so I'm really excited. I haven't seen her in so long, I'll be dressing up in lolita so expect some pictures from that. I cannot wait to tell her about all the crazy crap I've been having to deal with for the past couple months. I ought to write down what I want to talk about tonight so that I don't forget/miss anything. I can't wait. 

I'm sorry for this random rambly post. I'm mostly just trying to get these crappy feelings out in ways other than sleeping and sulking. Back to normal posting tomorrow or Tuesday. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Style Outside of Lolita

Hello everyone! This is my first actual post being part of the Lolita Blog Carnival, aka a group of Lolita bloggers who post about a specific topic every week. It's really awesome, you all it to check it out here♥

This week's topic is "Yours Style Outside of Lolita".

When I first saw this subject, I struggled a little bit with how to answer it. In my life, I've always been known as (as my boyfriend put it) "That One Chick Who Dresses Like Everything". I really do pride myself on trying all different kinds of styles, from just a t-shirt and jeans, to an occasional gyaru look, to decora, to theatrical looks and everything in between. 

My style is something that is always evolving and ever-changing. There isn't really a style that I'd be afraid of trying or doubt doing. I just love clothes and everything having to do with them. Dressing up is my favorite thing in the world to do. ♥

Thank you for reading my post. Check out the rest of the lolitas' posts! 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Update/Personal Blogging

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a better week than I am... well, that's not necessarily true. I got in trouble for ditching a class a couple days ago and I am getting my punishment for tonight. I am a little scared about what it may be. Next week my school is on Fall break which SUCKS seeing as how if I get grounded I won't be able to do ANYTHING during break.

However, I did get an interview at my local Hot Topic. I turned in the application forever ago so I was super surprised that they called me back. My interview is tomorrow and I am super excited. I already have what to wear planned out and everything. I really do hope I get the job because money would be greatly appreciated right now and also I have been a little bit bored without marching band.

In other news, we are writing allegories for my humanities class and I have no idea what to write about. I am a little bit suck between ideas and morals to have my story. I may have thought of a great idea but I don't know how to put it together.

I just got done writing my post for this week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic so I'm really excited for it to come out. It will be posting on Saturday. I hope it posts in case I am grounded. If it doesn't, I apologize greatly.

Thanks for reading this little sporadic post. I hope you all are having wonderful weeks, and wish me luck!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Sunday, October 21, 2012

OOTD 7: Stripes!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having wonderful weekends. If you read my last post, then you know I went to a birthday party last night. My friend Syd was turning 18. I was a little skeptical about going, however, because I knew no one there, so I decided to dress lolita to calm my nerves a bit. Without further ado, this is my outfit!

I really really adored my outfit. Friday I bought that striped turtleneck shirt from a local thrift store and I thought it would contrast nicely with my pink dress. I think this is my favorite outfit of mine thus far. 

Outfit Rundown: 
Dress: Bodyline
Bow: Metamorphose 
Shirt: Thrift find 
Shoes: They were a gift
Socks: Wal-mart

Earrings: Wal-mart
Pearl Necklace: Thrift find 
Doughnut Pin: Chibi Works 
Bunny Necklace: Chibi Works 

Thank you for reading, and I will be writing sometime next week! I hope you all are having a great weekend. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just a Post ♥

Hello everyone! I hope your days are going well. Today is less of a directed post and more of a post to let out my nerves. Today, I am going to one of my best friend, Syd's, birthday party. She turned eighteen a couple days ago, which is really exciting. I've never been to one of her birthday parties, however, so I felt I must go to this one.

There's a catch, however. She lives nearly twenty miles away. My parents are usually open to driving me places that are a bit far away, however, twenty miles and a forty five minute drive seem a bit much. But, after much bartering, they've finally yes yes to driving me! I was so excited. But then I realized another catch.

I don't know anyone who will be going to the party. This usually isn't that big of a deal for me, because there's always at least one or two people I know. This kind of stresses me out. I don't know why. I've just become increasingly shy around strangers as of late. Want to know my solution?

I am going to wear lolita to the party. So many times I hear lolitas feeling uncomfortable wearing lolita out or like they are worried of what people will do/think. I've found that through my years of dressing and following lolita fashion, it has almost become a part of who I am. When I dress lolita, I don't feel so small or useless. I feel like a queen, like a princess. When I wear lolita, it takes my anxiety away.

I think this is the main reason why I dress in this fashion. Lolita separates me from the terrified, shy, anxiety-filled girl that I usually am when I'm in casual wear. I can walk around like I'm living in my own magical world and it's delightful. I hope someday, all lolitas can feel this way, especially the exceedingly shy ones.

Well, that is the end of this silly little post. Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Expect pictures of my outfit either later today or tomorrow!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guess what... Lolita Blog Carnival!

Hello everyone, I have wonderful news...

I am part of the Lolita Blog Carnival! For any of you who know me, you probably know that I absolutely adore Victoria's blog, Parfait Doll. She started posting about a thing called the Lolita Blog Carnival, which is basically a society of lolita blogs that make group posts on the same topic to get more readers and just for fun. So, after turning in my request, I'm part of it now. I was so happy!

So this is just my post letting you guys know about it and linking you all to it. The group page can be found here.

Thank you for reading, and look forward to the Lolita Carnival Posts that will be appearing in the future!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Thursday, October 18, 2012

NDK Part 2: Saturday Tidbits

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week! I have come back again to recount my adventures at my local anime convention, NDK. This post will be particularly about what happened on Saturday night after the Lolita Dress Up Battle!

So, before the Lolita Dress Up Battle started, I was in the dealers room at this amazing store called Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast. This is the vender I have bought all of my actual lolita dresses/skirts from thus far. Anyway, I bought another lolita skirt! It was only forty six dollars. It is a high wasted pink strawberry skirt that I just adore. So after the lolita dress up battle, I decided to change outfits.

I apologize for the iffy quality of the picture. My friend and I were eating in the staff room and it had bad lighting but I wanted to take a picture before changing.

After changing into this outfit, I mindlessly wandered around the hotel looking for something to do and things to buy. I ran into my friend Sean and we hung out for a bit.


After hanging with Sean for a while, I went out to take pictures of characters. Once I got done with that, I met up with , Natalie (my best friend) and Jose (her boyfriend), and we went went swimming in the hotel's pool. I stayed with Natalie, Jose, and Natalie's parents at the hotel, so that's how we got a key. It was super fun. I experienced my first hot tub in my adolescent years! 

After swimming, I ditched Natalie and Jose to take a nap before the rave. However, I was unable to sleep so I changed into my rave outfit then hung out with my friends Mark, Sean, Kiet, and Caleb for a couple hours outside the hotel. 

Sadly, these were the best pictures out of the fifty I took. In the top left is Sean and Caleb, on the bottom left from left to right is Kiet, me, and then Mark. After they left, I had nothing to do so I went upstairs with Natalie and tried to take a nap again. After talking to her dad for about an hour, I fell asleep and didn't wake up, therefore missing the rave. I was a little disappointed, but then again, I needed the sleep badly. 

I will continue with my NDK series as I have about three (or so) more posts about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll be posting again within the next three days! 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Sunday, October 14, 2012

OOTD 7: Pink Sweater and New Shoes

Hello everyone! I wore this outfit a couple days ago so I thought I'd post about it. I thought it was pretty cute, as I wore my favorite pink sweater and new shoes. My boyfriend got them for me at a thrift store, so here's the outfit!

After school we actually went to the cemetery and it was so beautiful and fun. Anyway, my outfit was simply just a black dress with a white flower print, my pink sweater, a black scarf, black tights and my awesome shoes, who will have probably their own post soon because I just love them that much.

Annnnddd, a picture of us together in the cemetery.

Well, I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! Expect another NDK post within the next couple days! And probably some thrift hauls and my NDk haul and just a new things haul. I've missed blogging, yo. It's been so long, I can't wait to post everything. I almost want to post it all in one day but that would be super ridiculous. xD Well, anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you soon!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NDK Part 1: Lolita Dress-Up Panel

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful couple of days. Today I haven't been doing ANYTHING so I decided, wow,. maybe I should start my NDK series. After my little two week break thing I considered going back to the posting-on-Tuesday thing but I feel like it's not often enough for me to stay consistent with it. I forget a lot so, whatever, maybe I'll start posting twice or thrice a week. Anywayyy!

About a month ago I went down to The Denver Tech Center for a weekend to attend the annual Nan Desu Kan anime convention that I go to each year! I'll just start right off telling the story I suppose!

I got to the hotel around six pm because I had marching band. I met my friends and found my room and after waiting in line for HOURS to get my badge, I finally received it. Actually, to begin with they couldn't find my badge and that was pretty terrible. I was super worried, but everything worked out for the best.

The rest of Friday was spent waiting in line for DDR and just walking around with my friends. There was a point in which I got incredibly tired and loopy (of which the happenings I cannot remember) and I think we headed back to our room relatively early and headed to bed early at night.

Saturday was the day where things started happening! For Friday, I cosplayed as Maeda Yuuka from S/mileage, so for Saturday I decided to dress up in lolita. I wore a nice blue and beige colored outfit.

For the last part of this post I'll be talking about the panel that I went to on Saturday. The panel was called "Lolita Dress Up Battle". It is a panel that I knew they had every year but I never went until this year. Anyway, The idea of the dress up battle was that three lolitas brought their wardrobes to the convention. They had two partners and a little room to get dressed in. There were four rounds, and in each round, they were given a  category to dress up as. 

The lolitas in the battle were lolita from my local community. I didn't know two of them, but they looked familiar, and the third one is the founder of my favorite accessories brand, Chibi Works. I'll be posting a haul with all the things I got from her as well as other places soon. 

There were also three judges. One of which was one of the representatives from Angelic Pretty USA (whose name I am totally spacing at the minute) as well as two local lolitas from the Colorado EGL Community, Raven and Danielle. The host keeping the show going was a loli whose name I also can't remember who makes headdresses. 

The judges and the host :] 
The first round, the host had me (of all the people in the audience xD) chose from cards of categories. From the deck, I happened to chose the hardest category; sports. So each of the three lolitas had to dress in a "sporty" way or inspired by sports. After eight minutes, this is what they came up with!

The first group went with an equestrian look, where as the other two groups went for more of a croquet-inspired style. From this round, the first group won. The next category that was chosen was "A Day in The Garden" 

The first group did a flower inspired outfit. The second used a sweet lolita coordinate using Angelic Pretty's "Happy Garden", and the last one did a bear-inspired look. The second group won this round. The next category was "Animals" 

The first group went with a bunny inspired look as if from Alice in Wonderland. The second group just put as much animals as possible, and the third group went pony inspired with a pony print. The first group won this round. The next and final category was "At The Club" 

This last round was my favorite. The first group went with kinda a goth club look and used rainbow colors to bring out the black. I loved how they incorporated her hair color. The second group went for an elegant Gothic styled-club and her coordinate was kind of sea-themed. The last one went with a dancey-type look. I really liked her outfit. She won this round. 

In the end, the first group won and they got a couple gift cards as their prize. It was really enjoyable to watch how each group interpreted each category. This was one of the more fun panels. 

I will continue about my  NDK experiences over the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed this post about the Lolita Dress-Up Battle! I hope you guys have an awesome next couple of days. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥