Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buys and Updates

Hello everyone! I've been feeling much better and getting back on track with my life. The day after the shooting my family and I went to a thrift store, and so I bought a couple things that I didn't talk about, as well as a Monsters High Doll that I just got one day. Also! I wanted to show you guys my school ID and some cards I've made lately.
I guess I'll start off first with the cards.

This is the first card (going left to right) that I made for Kim. My mom is a huge crafter and makes cards so she has a lot of cute stamps and punches. The girl was colored by me using wonderful Copic markers.

Next is another card I made for my friend Destinee for her birthday in June. Again, I used Copic markers to color in the deer, who I thought was absolutely adorable.

And finally, I made this nebula card for my boyfriend for our year and six month anniversary. I did all of my coloring with a mix of Copic markers, gel pens, and a super awesome glitter pen. I am most proud of this one, and I deem it very Tumblr worthy. 

Next I'll talk about my new school year. I only have four classes per semester this year which I am totally jazzed about. I'll have a lot more free time, which is always a great thing. The four classes I'm taking first semester are psychology, physics, humanities, and french 3. Second semester the humanities class ends and I get creative writing. I'm so thankful there isn't a math class to stress me out. Now look at my ID [:

I think my picture looks a little bit derpy since they crop and squeeze the picture to fit into the little ID box. I tried a bit of a Rococo type theme with my outfit, and had a bunch of beautiful fake roses in my hair, an idea I came up with when I was getting ready for Aj's memorial.

The look I wore to Aj's memorial

In the top left corner is my new Monsters High doll, Ghoulia, in the Dead Tired version. I love her face, it is totally different than Frankie's face :] Next is a blue maxi dress I got while thrifting. I just love it. On the bottom left corner is my lace glove that I cut the fingers off of and sewed my favorite eyelet lace onto. Last but not least are my two new nail polish colors. My rue21 chunky glitter topcoat which is amazing and my new white because I desperately needed one.

Now in the top left corner here is my new planner for the 2012-2013 school year, which has endured many re-decorations since the picture was taken. next I got three Hello Kitty hangers which are super cute that I got at a thrift store. Next is a red polka dotted maxi dress that I cannot wait to wear. It reminds me of the 60's. And last is a mini notebook with little deers in cameos that I love but I don't know what to do with.

Thank you for reading my little update, and I am sorry it's two hours late of Tuesday :O
Hopefully coming up will be a lolita outfit of the day and a post about the contest I'm entering with my new planner.

I hope you guys enjoy the new month. I'm super excited for August!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OOTD 3: Kinda Kawaii

I apologize for my lack of a post yesterday, I've just been really involved in the shooting that happened in my area. It's really depressing me, and I have been trying to pull through

In other news, I became sick last night which really sucked so now I have a cough and a sore throat :C But since I am house-bound, this is the perfect time for posting.

This outfit is really from Thursday the nineteenth, when I tried to dress kinda fairy kei but I ended up looking more decora. I don't know what this look is. But I liked it.

This is what I wore to go to an anime store. Many of my pins/accessories were from NDK, a present, or handmade.

Expect another post soon, hopefully on Tuesday or even sooner about my new classes, maybe my school supplies, and a picture of my ID picture. I might even do a tutorial about making ugly notebooks your style :] Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer!

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora Century 16 Shooting

Hello everyone. I hope you're having a better weekend than I am. I'm just going to get straight to the content so here I go.

Thursday the 19th, I had a very busy day. First, I was to spend the day with my mom's friend's grandson at an anime store near our house. That was pretty fun. Then, my sister and I were going to our friend Lauren's house. We were supposed to go swing dancing at night but our plans got cancelled due to lack of a ride.

We talked about different plans we could do, but nothing was planned. We were camping out in the basement.

The rest of the night was chaotic and I really cannot remember a lot of what happened, but my friend Liz told me I had called her to let her knew what happened. I just remember Lauren getting a call and waking us up to tell us what had happened. She said "there was a shooting at the theater, the Dark Night premiere. Some people we knew were shot, Zach and Alejandra."

We called our friend Kevin, who was there. He told us about how nearly everyone we knew was there. Alumni from our high school, friends, groups of all kinds of people we knew and talked to. Thankfully Kevin was okay, but he had many terrifying and sad stories to tell us.

He explained a story about our friend Aj, who I had met through an ex boyfriend of mine but I was never very close to. His girlfriend, (who was in marching band with me) Lasamoa, ran into Kevin while leaving the theater. Kevin told us that she was covered in Aj's blood and he was left in the theater.

We frantically awaited news from our friends throughout the night and into the next day. We slept, but I had nightmares all night. The next day we found out that Zach and Alejandra were okay, but Aj was still missing. Hoping for the best, we sat in front of the TV watching the news with our phones in our hands.

The Century 16 theater is barely a mile away from my house. All the movies I see, I see there. I recently saw Brave there twice. You always see things like this in the news and never think this could happen to you. It's always a distanced thing from yourself. You feel bad for those people. It's not part of you.

After leaving Lauren's house, my boyfriend, Brandon, came over. He was close friends with Aj at a point, so we anxiously awaited phone calls from friends. Brandon hadn't slept all night, so he took a nap on my couch. My dad ordered pizza for us and we sat down together (my sister, my dad, Brandon, and I) and ate. We shared our concerns about Aj and hoped he was okay. Brandon and I had gotten news he wasn't missing anymore, so we were thinking wishfully.

Not even a minute after dinner, Brandon got a call from his sister, Brooke. He walked away from us and had a solemn expression, and in that moment I knew something terrible had happened.

He turned to me and said, "Aj didn't make it"

After a lot of sobbing and hugging, we called a couple friends to let them know. Lauren was hanging out with some other friends and invited us to come. We went down to an impromptu vigil for Aj behind our school at a park. It was good to be out with friends. We cam home around midnight and I called Brandon.

I told him to call me back if he needed anything and went to sleep. He called me about forty five minutes later, unable to sleep. I sung him to sleep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thrift/Garage Sale Haul!

So, as some of you may know, a couple weeks ago my grandma and mom and I went garage sale-ing and thrifting. It was very fun and we got some amazing deals! This is my thrift haul, and although I'm missing some pieces I'm sure you'll see them elsewhere.

We got a whole bag of clothes for two dollars! I loved it. I got a lot of sweaters and such so I'm really excited for it to hurry up and get cold already. Goodness. Well, anywhere, here are the clothes! :]

 Very pretty lace shirt :]

Awesome hoodie (I'm wearing it now) 

Ruffley long sleeved shirt and a sweater dress.

Awesome 80's sweater and a blue turtle neck 

Green sweater with exaggerated zipper and a vest that was FREE. :O 

Ruffley slightly sheer button up shirt

Eyelet lace covered bustier. I love the boning. 

Daisy print maxi dress. The straps cross in the back which is awesome. 

Capri slacks

Hot pink dress and polka dot button up shirt

Abercrombie t shirt and striped t shirt. 

Peach colored t shirt and block colored sweater 

Like I said above, some of the items are missing but I will definitely post them once I can. :] I think I got a really great deal on most of these, considering that my school is banning t-shirts now (which I totally don't get). But gosh I'm excited for that 80's sweater! 

For some personal blogging, I decided to turn in the Celtic mythology book and Anne Boleyn book because the due date was approaching, however I renewed the Madame de Pompadour book and I've started reading it! Also, my great friend Kim let me borrow the books Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto and Looking For Alaska by John Green.

I've seen the movie Kamikaze Girls and I loved it so much, and I've been pleased to find that the movie and book are nearly identical. I love revisiting this story. I'm about three fourths of the way done. As for Looking For Alaska, I've read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I think he's so cool. I love watching his videos on YouTube as well and I really suggest his books to anyone. :]

Thank you for reading this post!~ and I hope you have a wonderful week! I'll post again next Tuesday :]
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally: My Talent Show Performance!

I've been saying I was going to post this for eons, then I lost the memory card that I had it on. But I found it again! So finally, here is my talent show performance. I apologize for the semi-decent quality but I hope you guys enjoy :]

The song was Lemon Iro to Milk Tea by Morning Musume. I was inspired to do the routine to this song because I know this song is 9th generation member Fukumura Mizuki's favorite song by MoMusu so this is really a homage to her, as she's my favorite kyukkie.

Please enjoy and thanks for watching!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Style Tag

Hello everyone! As usual, I hope everything's going well for you. I feel totally crappy because I didn't post a blog yesterday. Dx but I was surprisingly busy in the evening, which is when I was actually do most of my blogging. So, this post is long overdue, but I guess it's just more of an update on my style and things that I'll be wanting towards fall times. Or just when school starts.

This post will be definitely inspired by Moments Like Diamonds' and Woxje's style tag. So, here I go!

These are some colors I absolutely love lately.
1. Light Peach   2. Pastel Teal   3. Pastel Lavender
4. Light Blue      5. Off White    6. Mint Green
7. Light Brown   8. Light Pink    9. Black

I especially like the peach and teal colors when they're together, in any version of the two colors, whatever the lightness or darkness.Next comes... patterns!

 In the top left corner, there is a floral pattern. I cannot tell you how much I love every floral pattern every. Seriously. In the top right corner, there is a polka dot pattern, which I also adore. Small polka dots. Thick stripes, horizontal and vertical, and this cool kind of vintage wallpaper print whose name I don't know :O 

So, I was going to do silhouettes, but my mom needs to get on the computer soon and I don't have the time D: 

So, anyway, I apologize for not posting on Tuesday. I totally didn't think I'd be that busy. Just a little bit of an update, I finally made a rose headband! That's been one thing I've been dying to make for my lolita wardrobe, and yesterday I bought a pair of lace gloves for four dollars at a store called Icing. I'm in the process of altering them but expect pictures and maybe even an outfit of the day. 

I also finished reading the book The Boleyn Inheritance as well as Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I have three library books checked out right now, which consist of a Celtic mythology book, a history book about the fall of Anne Boleyn and a biography of Madame de Pompadour.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning at my grandpa's house to make money for... wait for it... NDK!!! Finally, the time has come where I start preparing. I'm especially excited because since Sailor Moon is releasing new episodes, there's a chance of some nice people to talk to about it! Oh my excitement.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this mini post, and unless I decide to make an outfit of the day or other random post, I'll see you guys on Tuesday :] I promise! 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Monday, July 9, 2012

In a Funk

Hey everyone. It's been wonderful overcast these past couple days. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I said I would. I've just felt like I'm stuck in a terrible funk. So here's a little bit of a personal blog for today. Don't feel obligated to read it, just scroll past or wait for next blog post :]

So yesterday (kind of today) I stayed up until 5ish or 6ish (yes, AM) watching a wonderful show called Breaking Bad. I fell asleep on the couch downstairs which is so weird because I usually have to go upstairs because my downstairs room scares the crap out of me.

I always get in states like this when I affiliate myself with things having to do with meth. I've never done any drugs in my life, ever. But I've always been really fascinated with meth. I wrote a fifteen page paper for my AP Language and Composition class about meth (by the way, I got a 3 on that AP test.). I enjoy reading books about meth and hardcore drugs in general.

I remember this time was reading Tweak by Nic Sheff whilst listening to Hollywood Undead, and I just get in this zombie like state. And I become this character who's always high on meth, I'm not really but I always sleep and lose my appetite. Whenever I read books I feel like I become the main character. Or watch TV.  It's so weird. Does anybody else do that?

Uhhh, yesterday I saw Brave again. I dressed goth and went with my boyfriend and his friends. I forgot to take pictures :C I thought it was good, actually, I saw it in 3D, which I didn't think was as good as seeing it in 2D. So, if you're going to see Brave, stick with 2D. Much better quality.

I also am planning on doing this HUUGGGGEEE thrift haul because my grandma and mom and I went thrifting at some garage sales and we got a bag full of clothes for two bucks. It was a wonderful steal. School starts again for me in about a month. Hopefully my abundance of doing things will make for better blogging.

I think I should make a day where I always post. I've been too afraid of doing that in case I forget to. Or get lazy. But let's say I'll post every Tuesday. Tomorrow, even. Tuesday it is. And I'll try to use my queue too, in case I know I won't be able to post. And then other posts not on Tuesday will be extra and awesome :]

Well, I'm off to reblog things. If you want to follow, I definitely post more often, but they;re just reblogged pictures. Sometimes NSFW due to my active sex positive posts and the occasional excessive gore reblogs. Please, if you do follow, be prepared. 

I'll be talking to you guys tomorrow, and I hope your summer's going well :]
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

Monday, July 2, 2012

Brave Review!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and having a great summer. I know I am, however, I'm so ready for school to start. Unfortunately, our school banned t-shirts from our dress code... I don't understand this at all one bit. I feel especially bad for my sister because that is pretty much her entire wardrobe. Anyway, here is my Brave review.

For anyone who hasn't seen previews, Brave is a new Disney Pixar movie. It is about a young girl named Merida, who lives in ancient Scotland and has three suitors competing for her hand in marriage. The characteristic scene from previews is a scene in which Merida rips her tight dress and shoots three arrows into the direct center of some targets, whilst saying "My name's Merida, and I'll be shootin' fer my own hand!" 

Being a feminist, I was naturally drawn to the advertisement. I can tell you now, I was definitely not displeased! As anyone who may have looked at other reviews or anything about this movie, you may know Merida does not have a prince. Merida is also the first and only Pixar Disney princess.

I love that Merida gif :DD Anyway, back to the beef.

First, might I just say, I'd give the filmography a 10/10. It was absolutely beautiful. I do believe Pixar really outdid themselves. The color scheme and shapes were wonderful, and through all the internet reviews I've heard on Brave, never once have I heard anyone say anything negative about the filmography.

Overall,m  I thought the story was very developed and great. I hear a lot of people saying they felt like it was rushed or stolen from other movies, but I believe it to be a wonderful movie to begin with. It's definitely a mother daughter movie, which was a breath of fresh air compared to the numerous love stories that princesses tend to wind up having

I also enjoyed the family hardships being detailed in this story. Although it didn't remind me of my mother and I (we get along fairly well), I think it was definitely a relate-able story.

Another plus to this movie was the lack of a true antagonist. There are two real "bad guys" but the bad guys of this movie are just understood, or do this that turn out to be bad.

Overall, I really enjoyed the message this movie conveyed, as well as the whole thing! I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed myself greatly. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, and I was very glad to be pleased. I suggest this movie to anyone of all ages, especially to mothers and daughters. Definitely one of my favorite movies, and I'll probably see it a few more times in theaters and I'll be asking for the DVD for Christmas.

Thank you guys for reading this review! Comment below on what you thought of the movie if you saw it, and have a wonderful day!

Yours Truly, Jamie♥