Friday, February 17, 2012

Lolita and Bullying

Hello everyone! A bit of personal blogging real quick;

I was in my gym class two long days ago and seemed to get my left ring finger smashed in between two weights and now the poor thing is wrapped up in a splint and probably broken. It hurts terribly and it's a bit hard to do normal things but I've been gone from this blog for so long I wanted to post an update.

So much for beautiful delicate lolita hands :C 

So back to the title! I attended a seminar today hosted by the Anti-Defamation League that was talking about the issue of cyber-bullying. It was super informational and I grew so much as a person today and it made me want to post a little up here about some bullying issues within the lolita community, primarily by each other. 

So this picture above, I want to explain why I put it up. I'm sure we're almost all familiar with Lolita Secrets. If you don't know about it, it can be a fun read every so often. However, it is a site filled with hate. I think this picture symbolizes what we need to make of our lolita community. Lolitas seem very numerous, but when you think about it, our culture has very few. We understand each other. We understand why it's better to have the actual AP print rather than a DOL replica. We understand how itchy petticoats can get. We understand how scary it sometimes is at first to go out decked out in this very outspoken fashion. We need to unit and be together. 

So I'll be the first to stand up and say Lolita Secrets needs to go. I learned today how detrimental hazing can be. Regardless of whether the face is obscured or not, the person is still being bullied. How did we go so long letting ourselves laugh at the bullying of others? We hate it when others hate on us for our fashion, so why are we allowed to do it? 

It's fine to rant about a print that looks silly or frustrations with buying problems. But calling others names, flaming, and hate is unacceptable. I honestly don't know if this idea will get anywhere, but I honestly think this is a big deal. I won't stand to watch it, and I will fight it. 

So love to all of you lovely beautiful lolita, whether you're big, small, tall, medium, short, brown haired, black, white, asian, hispanic, and anything else you might be. ♥

Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 


  1. How right you are! It is surprising what we laugh at in real life and what we see in TV shows. I first realized bullying happens all the time, even when you are an adult and it isn't suppose to exist anymore. And because we are the role model for any kids in our life they will copy what we do and say. It is a really sad matter to be truthful.

  2. You are so right! Thanks for the input. ♥ xoxo