Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I had one of the best New Years celebrations ever, but I became incredibly ill for the first day of 2013, unfortunately. Yesterday, I could barely stay awake yet alone do anything. I looked and felt like crap all day. Today I feel significantly better, yet I'm still sick. I hope you all are well, this really sucks :C

I always do this thing where I create a whole list of New Year's resolutions. I am constantly on a path of self-betterment. However, just as everyone else in this world, my New Years resolutions continue to be New Years resolutions and I never actually do them. This year, I thought I'd be more reasonable in my resolutions, so here they are!

     ♥ Limit myself to five hours of technology time a day and slowly decrease amount over time
     ♥ Exercise every other day
     ♥ Read every day
     ♥ Drink more water!
     ♥ Maintain a clean room

I feel like these resolutions are achievable and I've been a;ready trying my best to do them. it's been a little harder for the ones like maintaining my clean room and exercising because I am really sick, but hopefully when I get better within the next couple days it'll be easier [:

In other news, Ahnaf has another concert on Friday and I'll definitely be going to that. I'll also be taking pictures and stuff so that I can actually post about it this time! :D

I hope you are all well. I'll be posting hauls, outfit of the days, and many other random posts within the next couple weeks, so look forward to that!~
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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