Friday, November 11, 2011

Some stuff

Hello everyone! XD

Anyway, I broke my phone /: I won't be posting many picture posts for the time being unless they're old pictures or I find a camera of some sort. Anyway, I've been looking up the fashion mori girl a lot. I really like it. I've been lately thinking of some fashions I can just do everyday, kind of like default-easy fashions. I'm sure that's not fair to anyone who seriously does mori girl as a lifestyle to say it's easy. I guess I mean it's less restricting and more easy to find things for it just around town. Anyway, I'll be trying that out, maybe posting pictures if I can get a hold of a camera, maybe my friend Natalie will...

Through my researching of mori girl, I've found there to be a lot of similarities to dolly-kei. I wonder if these fashions are often confused? Yeah, that's all I'm wondering. Bye bye for now!~

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

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