Sunday, November 6, 2011

I saw Victoria make a post about Lookbook so I thought I'd check it out. Hm, I'd say I'm giving a review of Lookbook now, so here it goes.

Lookbook is a place where fashion lovers can display their outfits to other fashion lovers. There are all kinds of style ranges, lolita, hipster, just plain ol' everything. it's super easy to use too. One thing I like about Lookbook is it's easy to use layout. Everything is in bold capital letters and it's very easy to read. You can "become a fan" of someone who's outfits you especially enjoy and you can "hype" about them. This is like voting for who is going to be on the top of the hot page.

Another thing I like is you can link it to twitter, facebook AND tumblr. This doesn't happen very often. And right off the bat it lets you decide what you want to update on those profiles and what you don't. You can post your outfits and even label the pieces you're wearing, giving the brand, price, and category. You can create a color scheme to go with the outfit. I just love it.

There are rules to posting pictures, which I find to also be wonderful. You must have a full body shot (thank god!) and there can't be anything to get in the way of viewing the picture. In other words, no crappy picnik letters about how some guy broke your heart scribbled across your face and shirt.  No other people are allowed in the picture, just you. This can be helpful so you actually know who it is you're looking at, as well as it's not just some free-for all photo sharing website. I recommend this to any die-hard fashionista.

I honestly think I'll become a big huge fan of Lookbook and I think everyone who even kind of likes anything fashion related should check it out. It's easy to use and easy to sign up (you can use facebook). I already fanned fifty people and I haven't even been a part of Lookbook for twelve hours.

Yours truly, Jamie ♥

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