Friday, November 4, 2011

A Couple of Things

Hello! I didn't write anything yesterday, but that's fine. I'll tell you about yesterday then. 

I had dressed in what I call classic winter lolita. It was very fun, I enjoyed my color scheme. I was wearing a red dress I found in a thrift store that has a white print on it. I've only worn it once before, actually on a snowy day. Along with it I wore a white cardigan and fuzzy white scarf. I wore white socks and brown Uggs (I know I know, I'm being scorned.) 

The Uggs thing was actually the biggest thing that was bothering me about the whole outfit. I was definitely afraid that my loli friends would look and give me that, she can't be serious look, but when I asked for opinions, they were actually pretty supportive. The night before I had asked my one of my favorite lolita tips blogs about the Uggs. The owner of the blog responded quite negatively saying something along the lines of Uggs look lazy with the elegance of lolita and she suggested me buy other shoes... yeah because I'm gonna go buy new shoes the night before. Whatever! I wore the outfit and got kind of positive responses. My friend Ashley said it added to the wintry feel and gives a more of a practical look. Her only suggestion was that I wear another piece that's also brown next time, which I totally agreed with. My best friend said pretty much the same thing and said the way I wore it was really quite cute. 

I also learned that I only feel really good in sweet loli /: Anyway! Here are some pictures ;D 

I really loved this coord but I felt kinda fat in it because the cardigan is stretched out a bit /: Another downfall of the outfit was I kept sweating, yuck :C 

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