Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birthday Haul Post and My New Room Part 3

Hello everyone, happy summer! I have been quite enjoying being out of school. I feel like I've had so much fun and gotten so much done within the span of four days :O I cleaned my room and organized everything, FINALLY, so now I have my birthday haul post. Not only that, but in order to finish my birthday haul post, I needed to also finish my new room series. How fun, huh? :]

So, as some of you might know, my birthday was on April 30th. I had a party on the 28th and received most of my presents then. Aside from my laziness, this post has been delayed by the fact that two people got my presents late. Oh my. Well, anyway, here are pictures of my presents. My room will be at the end :]

Three summer sweaters. The two on the right are from the thrift store

Three plain colored shirts. The middle one is from the thrift store

One high low skirt and two other skirts. All from the thrift store :D

Two on the left are from the thrift store. 
All of the above clothes were from my mom and dad. I was surprised at how many things she managed to find at the thrift store!

Two pairs of white tights and off white socks from my mom. Strawberry socks from my friend Natalie 

Various headbands, bracelets, and accessories. 

Candy wrapper handbag from my grandma. Reusable star bag from Kim.  Handmade reversible bag from my cousin Tiffany

Smash book from my sister! :D 

Hello Kitty playing cards and J figure from my mom

More thrift store shirts from my mom and dad 

Frankie Stein Dead Tired doll from my Aunt Shannon

Adorable teddy bear from my friend Destinee

(Not birthday presents)
Anchor shirt, bird print jumper, and white big brimmed sun hat from Target

My first real lolita shoes from Natalie ♥♥♥

Three perfumes and two lotions from Natalie, lipgloss from my parents

Eyelet lace bedskirt from my parents 
My amazing Claddagh ring from Brandon ♥

And now for my big present....

I got a canopy! Now I am a real princess. :] Also, my friend Hannah got me the Hello Kitty blanket. The squids I got at Elitch Gardens (more commonly known as Six Flags). 

My closet area

My pro-choice area xD 

I love these pictures

My newly organized closet

Ceiling area

Awesome squids. 

And that concludes my new room! 
And that was a huuugggeee picture post, and the conclusion of my new room series and my birthday haul. I might've forgotten a couple things, but that's alright. I'll post them when I remember and find them. Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day. Expect an outfit post within the next two days :]

Have a great day! 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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