Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparing for NDK

Hello everyone! it's been a long time and I apologize for it. There isn't really a reason I was gone other than just because I got lazy and decided not to blog. But fear not! I will be posting three posts (including this one) today to make up for my long absence.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might've heard me mention NDK once or twice. If not, I'll explain it now. NDK is the anime convention I've been going to for close to five years. It is one of the best experiences of my year, although I'm not that big a fan of anime. A lot of the reason I go is for the culture, the fashion, and the merchandise.

Well guess what? It's NDK time! This weekend I will be attending NDK again and it's so exciting. I'm really excited but goodness I kind of feel unprepared. So I was thinking that making this post would probably help me. It's kind of like an outward checklist to help me get my thoughts together.

So my outfits. I have no idea what to wear first. I can't decide whether I should wear a S/mileage or a Morning Musume cosplay on Friday, as I would be wearing it also to school for the brunt of the day. S/mileage would be more cutesy yet MoMusu would be more mature and more recognizable.

For the second day I can't decide between wearing my pink lolita outfit or my blue. Choices! Choices! Or should I try and wear decora like I have for all my previous years?You guys can leave comments below if you have any suggestions.

Another thing I have to do to prepare is clean my room. I think I shall do that after I'm done with this post. I feel like I've been slacking so much. Hopefully I'll do all my physics homework too.

I apologize for the rambly-ness of this post. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week, and I will be starting my NDK experience post series on Tuesday! Now it's OOTD time :DD

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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