Saturday, October 13, 2012

NDK Part 1: Lolita Dress-Up Panel

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful couple of days. Today I haven't been doing ANYTHING so I decided, wow,. maybe I should start my NDK series. After my little two week break thing I considered going back to the posting-on-Tuesday thing but I feel like it's not often enough for me to stay consistent with it. I forget a lot so, whatever, maybe I'll start posting twice or thrice a week. Anywayyy!

About a month ago I went down to The Denver Tech Center for a weekend to attend the annual Nan Desu Kan anime convention that I go to each year! I'll just start right off telling the story I suppose!

I got to the hotel around six pm because I had marching band. I met my friends and found my room and after waiting in line for HOURS to get my badge, I finally received it. Actually, to begin with they couldn't find my badge and that was pretty terrible. I was super worried, but everything worked out for the best.

The rest of Friday was spent waiting in line for DDR and just walking around with my friends. There was a point in which I got incredibly tired and loopy (of which the happenings I cannot remember) and I think we headed back to our room relatively early and headed to bed early at night.

Saturday was the day where things started happening! For Friday, I cosplayed as Maeda Yuuka from S/mileage, so for Saturday I decided to dress up in lolita. I wore a nice blue and beige colored outfit.

For the last part of this post I'll be talking about the panel that I went to on Saturday. The panel was called "Lolita Dress Up Battle". It is a panel that I knew they had every year but I never went until this year. Anyway, The idea of the dress up battle was that three lolitas brought their wardrobes to the convention. They had two partners and a little room to get dressed in. There were four rounds, and in each round, they were given a  category to dress up as. 

The lolitas in the battle were lolita from my local community. I didn't know two of them, but they looked familiar, and the third one is the founder of my favorite accessories brand, Chibi Works. I'll be posting a haul with all the things I got from her as well as other places soon. 

There were also three judges. One of which was one of the representatives from Angelic Pretty USA (whose name I am totally spacing at the minute) as well as two local lolitas from the Colorado EGL Community, Raven and Danielle. The host keeping the show going was a loli whose name I also can't remember who makes headdresses. 

The judges and the host :] 
The first round, the host had me (of all the people in the audience xD) chose from cards of categories. From the deck, I happened to chose the hardest category; sports. So each of the three lolitas had to dress in a "sporty" way or inspired by sports. After eight minutes, this is what they came up with!

The first group went with an equestrian look, where as the other two groups went for more of a croquet-inspired style. From this round, the first group won. The next category that was chosen was "A Day in The Garden" 

The first group did a flower inspired outfit. The second used a sweet lolita coordinate using Angelic Pretty's "Happy Garden", and the last one did a bear-inspired look. The second group won this round. The next category was "Animals" 

The first group went with a bunny inspired look as if from Alice in Wonderland. The second group just put as much animals as possible, and the third group went pony inspired with a pony print. The first group won this round. The next and final category was "At The Club" 

This last round was my favorite. The first group went with kinda a goth club look and used rainbow colors to bring out the black. I loved how they incorporated her hair color. The second group went for an elegant Gothic styled-club and her coordinate was kind of sea-themed. The last one went with a dancey-type look. I really liked her outfit. She won this round. 

In the end, the first group won and they got a couple gift cards as their prize. It was really enjoyable to watch how each group interpreted each category. This was one of the more fun panels. 

I will continue about my  NDK experiences over the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed this post about the Lolita Dress-Up Battle! I hope you guys have an awesome next couple of days. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥  

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