Sunday, October 28, 2012

Personal Blogging

Today I'll just be posting a personal blog about my weekend so far. I have felt pretty bored and tired and just overall not good. On Thursday, I got grounded for the dicthing I did. My only penalty was getting my phone taken, which really sucked because I use that to talk to my boyfriend, and we just started fall break so I can't even see him at school. First world problems, right? 

So, instead of texting and calling him all day, I've been drowning my sorrows in movies. On ABC is the Thirteen Nights of Halloween thing which means any movies that might seem Halloween like are playing. So Friday, I watched The Addams Family, The Addams Family Values, and a lot of The Big Bang Theory.

I'd never seen any of the Addams Family movies before (only parts of the TV show) so that was really cool and I enjoy them a lot. Although it made me sad, cause the relationship Morticia and Gomez have remind me of my boyfriend and I so I was missing him fairly bad. So then I fell asleep Friday around nine-ish. 

Saturday I woke up around noon and went straight onto the computer. My friend Lorie was going to have a birthday party downtown, so I started to get ready for that around one. The party was going to happen at six so I was ready really early. I was dressed lolita and ready to go, wasting time watching Whose Line Is It Anyway with my sister and then Lorie texted me saying that the party was cancelled. 

I sadly got back in my pajamas and once again sunk downstairs into a sulky movie marathon. That night, I watched a movie that my french teacher lent me called The City of Lost Children, Practical Magic, Teen Witch, and a bunch of Big Bang Theory. The City of Lost Children was a marvelous movie, might I just say. Oh my goodness the cinematography was breath-taking. 

Teen Witch was a really funny 80's movie that I overall enjoyed and Practical Magic had some parts with possession in it which freaked me out a little. Possession is so scary to me. 

Tonight, I am finally working up the courage to watch The Exorcist 2. The first Exorcist movie scared me so bad that I've been scarred since, but I really think I have the courage to watch it. Besides, since I've gotten grounded, I've slept an unhealthy amount. I woke up around eleven today, went to my cousin's birthday party, got home at two fifteen and slept until six. 

Then I went to my friend Kim's house and we talked while watching The First Wives Club and then proceeded to watch the beginning of Jane Eyre, the 2011 version. You know, I've decided that I love Bette Midler as an actress. She's just wonderful. 

Tomorrow I get to go to my therapist for the first time since July, so I'm really excited. I haven't seen her in so long, I'll be dressing up in lolita so expect some pictures from that. I cannot wait to tell her about all the crazy crap I've been having to deal with for the past couple months. I ought to write down what I want to talk about tonight so that I don't forget/miss anything. I can't wait. 

I'm sorry for this random rambly post. I'm mostly just trying to get these crappy feelings out in ways other than sleeping and sulking. Back to normal posting tomorrow or Tuesday. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 

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