Friday, November 9, 2012

Craziness in Aurora

Hello everyone! This is kind of a personal post, so if you don't want to hear it, just ignore this. [:

Today I came to school looking forward to a normal and regular Friday. I got dressed and walked into the school like usual. I sat in the commons until the bell rang as usual. I walked to my boyfriend, Ahnaf's, first class with him- as usual- and sat down in there as usual. He has AP Music Theory, so his class is in the band room. While in there, I decided to organize the guard closet, as it was getting a bit out of hand lately.

After a little less than an hour or organization with the help of my friend, Joe, we exited the guard closet and sat down in the little foyer type area of the band room where all the other students who don't necessarily have that class sit. The regular crew was there- Anna, Melissa, Matt and Sam- and we were all just chatting.

The band room doesn't get announcements in it for some reason, so when we heard the faint sound of one, Anna went out in the hall to hear it. However, she was scolded to get back in the class but heard something about a lockdown.

After telling the band teacher, Gonzo, we realized we were in a lockdown. He turned out the lights and we hid in the guard closet until we found out that it wasn't a red lockdown it was an orange one. This meant that students cannot leave the classroom. We all just kind of sat around for a while, but as time started to pass, we began to wonder.

Two hours passed. We were still isolated in the school without any knowledge of what was going on. Ahnaf, Joe, and I (we call ourselves "The Tres Musketeers") sat around and laughed at Spongebob, played with instruments, and lie down on the floor laughing. Lunchtime started to approach and we were still in lockdown.

The lunch ladies came to each door delivering lunches to all the students. It was kinda crappy so Gonzo made us hot dogs instead. We also had hot chocolate and some people started making cookies. (The band room is like a home, full of food and basically anything you need in an emergency.) While eating, we watched Youtube videos of dumb cats for a little while.

After that was finished, one of my friends, Debi, proposed that we built a fort. And thus, we built a fort.

It was a very great fort, and if I can, I will post a video of the whole fort on this blog with a tour. We were very bored.

We took down the fort because the end of the day was nearing. They have to let us out at 3:30, right? 

Wrong. We were held at the school until ten before five. The teacher were making plans to bus us to a completely different school so that they could dismiss us and send us home. We were all very confused. Ahnaf and I were listening to a police scanner on his phone and found out that SWAT team members were all over a nearby parking lot. 

They were talking about various victims, body bags being found, and five men who were detained. The school didn't let us in on any of it. When we finally got out of lockdown, police were swarming the school grounds and leaving was nightmarish. We had been in lockdown inside the school for nine consecutive hours. 

When I finally got home, I was watching the news to see if any information had been leaked, as the news all day had been clear of anything about us. The most they said was that a car that had been being looked for was found and that's all. THAT'S ALL. Part of me really doubts that this is the only thing that happened. After hearing the police scanner, it sounds like a lot more of an issue than that. A local news station also reported that when they asked, the Police Department spokesperson said to "never call again regarding the incident." 

Overall, I am just really confused and a little bit sick and tired of all the crazy crap happening in my city. If you have read my blog for a while, you remember my post about the Aurora Century 16 shooting that was less than a mile away from my house, where the victims were people who I go to school with. And then this? It's disturbing. 

The worst part is the fact that I don't know anything about what really happened and I probably won't. I'll never know why I had to stay in the band room for nine hours without leaving. I'll never know why my plans for the rest of the day had to be cancelled because the SWAT team was outside my school. It's completely unsettling. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope your day was much better than mine. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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