Thursday, November 29, 2012

NDK Part 3: J Fashion Show

Hello everyone! I realized I never finished blogging about what happened at NDK, and I know it was a while ago but I can still post. I will also be posting another post later about everything I got at NDK. Maybe I'll just do a little haul post for the last couple months before Christmas. Anyway, NDK Part 3!

So after falling asleep on Saturday, I woke up kind of later and got ready. I was going to be in a panel called J Walking Fashion Show which is basically a compilation of many different J Fashion styles all together in a fashion show! Here is my outfit.

I also saw my friend Sarah, whose outfit was absolutely gorgeous. Sarah is a gyaru. Sarah also got asked to be in the fashion show, so we went together. 

When I got to the fashion show, I was expecting about five to eight other girls to be participating as models, from previous experience. But as Sarah and I walked up to the line of models, I was completely surprised to see nearly forty models, ranging anywhere from Visual Kei to sugary sweet Lolita. 

During the fashion show, I talked to one of the cutest decoras and over all J-fashion followers I know, Saki. She actually told me my outfits get better and better each year, I was honored. A local Lolita named Raven was also in the fashion show dress in the Mori-girl style, and I got to take a picture with her. 

All of the models together
There was a winner but I don't remember who it was. xD Below are some more pictures. 

After the fashion show, Natalie and I headed down to the auction and took a bunch of silly pictures of ourselves, as per tradition. Overall, I had a very fun time at NDK this year and I always have a great time. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!

Yours truly, Jamie♥

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