Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween, everyone. I apologize for not posting on Monday when I said I would, I didn't end up dressing up and I've been pretty busy the past couple days. I thought I'd just post about my Halloween experience. 

Yesterday I dressed up as an insane asylum escapee and went downtown with my boyfriend. I left my house and met him at a local park. He didn't have makeup and he had to break a hundred, so we walked over to a local store and he bought makeup. Then we headed to where he used to work to pick up tickets from the singer of his band, speaking of which, he has a show on Saturday that I'll probably post about. 

Then we waited for one of his friends at a 7-11. I think there was a full moon or something because seriously there were some crazies lurking around there. We were sitting on the side talking to some weird guy who kept asking if I was a cat and then his friend was really creepy about my costume so we left and went to the front of 7-11 instead. Ahnaf was all "I think that guy was gonna rape you" and I donno, I thought he was super cute cause he was protecting me. 

We took the bus to the light rail and headed downtown. I love it there so much. Then we went to his sister's apartment and I watched Spongebob while they both got ready. Ahnaf was Eric Draven from The Crow and Cynthia, his sister, was Batgirl. We then went to eat at Noodles & CO. My dad picked me up shortly after that. 

Then I came home and it was really boring at first and I was just sitting in my room, but then my sister and I decided to watch Poltergeist. I was so proud of myself. I usually am super terrified of movies and I stay scared the whole night and can't sleep but I fell asleep right away without issues. It wasn't that scary of a movie to me though, thank goodness. And that was my Halloween! 

That is the end of this post/ I will be posting with the Lolita Blog Carnival tomorrow, so expect that! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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