Friday, March 29, 2013

Kawaii Companions Appreciation Post [:

About a year ago, I won a giveaway that was sponsored by Victoria aka ParfaitDoll. The prize was a ring and necklace from the store Kawaii Companions. After receiving my prize, I wrote a post basically reviewing the necklace and ring and talked about how much I loved everything having to do with Kawaii Companions. 

Since then, Kawaii Companions made a music video in partnership with Jen and the Gents which was absolutely adorable and somewhat heartbreaking. 

Also, their website has added so many more things onto it, like pictures and the music video as well as some tights they made. It's amazing! 

Anyway, they sent me a pair of tights to do a review on which I will be doing within the next week. I just need to take some pictures and upload them and be on my way. I have worn them once since getting them (I couldn't resist, plus, I figured that it might make for a better review if I actually had worn them) so expect a wonderful review. [: 

You can visit their webpage here and like their facebook page here! Have a wonderful next couple of days [: 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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