Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashion Inspiration 2012 ♥

Hello everyone! I hope 2012 is going great for everyone so far. Mine has been pretty fun, I'm back in school and I'm finally getting ahold of things. I might even get a job soon :OO I don't know, I want one just to buy clothes~ xD

Speaking of clothes! I am going to make an inspiration post for today. These are all the things I want to get or am inspired by for 2012. So here we go, picture spam >:D


On the darkside, (Well maybe not the darkside, just the non-cutesy lolita side) I really want some wedge heels and platform boots. I think long knee high or even thigh high boots are very cute and glamorous looking. I hope to get some this year. ♥

On the cuteside, any lolita shoes will work. If you read my last post about Lolita and PE, you'll recognize the shoes above, which I am going to try and find some tennis shoes and deck them out as such. I just need some white, blue, and pink shoes for my slowly growing lolita collection <3 


This year I love legwear. Long socks, decorated tights, fluffies, legwarmers, the whole shabang. I really want some floral tights as well as some wool ones that have a bright pattern on them. I want more pairs of long or thigh high socks. And white or pink fluffies, because they're so cute. I don't rave very often but hey, I still love 'em. 


I love tiered and ruffly skirts. I feel so cute in them. Sparkly skirts add a lot to an outfit too, I just love them so much. I also want more polka-dotted skirts to incorporate into lolita as well as decora. 

Shirts and Dresses 

I love pink dresses, however all pink gets boring after a while. So I want some pink dresses with a little color (The only thing that made me love Moon Night Theatre by AP was seeing it coordinated. Otherwise I hated that dress!) I also would like more cutesews and cute t-shirts to wear with skirts to do casual lolita, and eventually decora and fairy kei. I need more cardigans. I love cardigans. And I also love long t-shirts, and I would like one with an upside down cross, because I just like upside down crosses. 

Random Other Things 

I've been wanting a pink lolita bag that I can coordinate with my sweet outfits. I've also been highly influence by neo-victorian type styles, so I love the plugs shown above, if they were normal earrings. I also love anchors as a motif, and I can see myself trying out sailor lolita sometimes soon. I just love the colors together and the cute little anchors and style of clothes. :] 

Well, thanks for "reading". I hope these styles become my main outfits this year!
Yours Truly, Jamie♥ 

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