Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lolita and Physical Education

So a couple days ago was my first day back to school this semester. Although many of my friends had completely different schedules, mine stayed pretty much the same except one class. It's called Rhythm and Dance and it's a PE class.

It sounded okay at first but then the teacher proceeded to tell about how we would be needing the school shorts and t-shirt because we need to dress out during the class.

My friends filled my head with terrible thoughts about the class, but when I went in it didn't seem that bad. However, the idea of dressing out ruined every good thought I might've had about the class. "What if I am wearing lolita?" "What if my decora outfit is too tedious to take off?!". These thoughts filled my head and fueled my disappointment.

Thus, I decided to blog about it. Have any of you lolitas or fashionistas had this problem?

AP must have made these for a reason

After some serious thought and brainstorming, I've decided to create a list of solutions that might work for girls (or boys) having this problem. 

♥Talk to the teacher 
If it really is that big of a deal to you and important, maybe you should talk to the teacher about it. If you really see a big problem, maybe they can help you transfer out of the class and take one that's more outfit-friendly. 

♥Make it easier to undress and redress
Practicing putting on an outfit is something I usually do a couple days to a night before wearing an outfit. it makes it easier to put on in the morning and less time consuming. This could also be helpful. Having a number of petticoats can be touch to deal with. If you practice putting it on and taking it off, it might not be as big of a kink in your life. 

♥Include gym clothes to your cute wardrobe
If you're anything like me, you love to alter stuff. I am always decorating my phone, cases, folders, binders, etc. If you're handy with a sewing machine and your school is cool with it, then adding some lace and pink hearts to a gym shirt might make it that much more bearable to wear it. And decking out your gym shoes like Angelic Pretty's as shown in the picture above might make it less heartbreaking to dress out. 

I will hopefully be trying all of these ideas for my gym class, and I hope this post helped out any of you struggling middle or high school lolitas fretting about the decision between a grade and a passion. 
But as my boyfriend would put it, "First world problems" xD 

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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  1. make sure whatever you take off and put into the locker room is safe- and i dont just mean safe from being stolen. make sure you're considering it's not the cleanest or dryest place for clothes. It's by no means a big deal- it's just something to keep in mind. But if you dont have room in your backpack to store petticoats, it's a good idea to bring a bag for them, little things like that.