Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How To: Poofy Lolita Pigtails

If you love Angelic Pretty and OTT lolita, I'm sure you've seen this exact hair style around in some manner. I would see them as poofy or puffy pigtails, I hear some people calling them poodle pigtails. No matter what the name, it is a very cute and (surprisingly) easy hairstyle to accomplish.

Here is a quick little tutorial on how to achieve this look. The first step is to somehow achieve curling your hair  in really tight curls. The best way I find to do this is to rag curl or paper curl your hair. Below is a great video by Michelle Phan on how to do so. 

The idea is to get really tight curls. The reason you want really tight curls is because this way you only need a couple hair ties and no pins. Rag curls work best because they don't damage your hair and they stay tight and poofy throughout the day. The ideal look should be something like this: 

If your hair is longer, the curls should be tighter for you to achieve the idea look. Once you've got the curls down, brush out your hair a bit to add a little frizz. This will add volume to your pigtails. 

Finally, you put your hair up in high pig tails. Brush out the hair next to your scalp so the hair not in the ponytail is smooth and sleek. Bring the hair up into a ponytail holder and secure. Brush out the ponytails a bit to add frizz. make sure the hair not in the ponytail is tight otherwise it'll look a bit weird.  Add accessories and you're done ^^ 

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I wasn't able to take any. However, here are some pictures of how MY hair turned out when I did this C: 

Thank you for reading this tutorial ^^ 
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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