Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Favorites!

Hello everyone! I hope your summer has been a lot less hot and terrible than mine has been. I've pretty much been dead due to the heat. Oh my goodness! We've been swimming every single day because of this blistering heat.

Anyway, I decided to make a favorites post inspired by the wonderful and lovely grav3yardgirl on YouTube. So, like grav3yardgirl, this spans over everything from blogs to food to clothes and everything. So without further ado, here is my June Favorites Post!

First off, I'll be talking about the blogs I've loved this month. There are only three blogs/vlogs I've really just been excited for all this month. 

grav3yardgirl, or Bunny, is a YouTube vlogger who vlogs about everything, Fashion, paranormal, experiences, Chick-fil-a... Her blog is so addicting to watch. Her videos always span from 3-20 minutes long, and those twenty minutes never feel like enough bunny time. I really recommend her to anyone who likes to laugh, smile, and be part of a wonderful and loving Swamp Family/

Blogilates is a blog/vlog dedicated to workouts, pilates, good food habits, and just feeling good about yourself! The owner, Cassey Ho, is always energetic and fun to listen to. I love doing her workouts. She encourages people to workout if they want to. I just love her enthusiasm. 

When I do Cassey's workouts, I feel better doing them than some other tape. I think it's because reading her blog, I feel a connection with her. I feel more personal. Anyway, I really love her blog, and she updates constantly! I love reading about health and fittness lately, so if that's right up your ally, I suggest reading Cassey's wonderful blog. Oh my goodness I love it. After this post, I'm actually going to try out her Bikini Blaster 7, which came out just a couple days ago. :] 


 Bat-ty is a new blog written and created by good friend, Kim, who I talk about often. I know what you're thinking, "Way to promote your friend, Jamie". But I honest to goodness would love her blog even if we weren't best friends. She has very well rounded posts. She writes about anything her heart desires, and I'll just tell you now, if you love my blog, you'll surely love hers.

If you love movies, lolita, fashion, and books, Kim's blog is a blog for you! Plus, she's just starting out, (here is where I promote my friend) and I really encourage you to check her blog out!

Now I will talk about my favorite fashion motifs lately. Just anything fashion, hair, and makeup.

Lately I've been trying to accomplish the "pastel goth" type of feel almost. I really am loving crosses as a motif, all the time. I put crosses on my nails a lot, seeing as how I don't have any clothes with crosses. I also love fairy kei and I've been looking for inspiration within that style umbrella. Below are some pictures :D

As for lolita, I've been totally digging hime-lolita. I think a lot of this stems from my love of history, the Rococo era, Tudor era, and all that jazz. I want to be a princess, queen, or lady, with many ladies in waiting, and when I see hime-lolita, I really feel like I could live out this fantasy with this outfit. xD but that;'s just me.

I'm actually thinking of making myself a nice beautiful rose headband, so I can achieve the elegant and beautiful rococo look.

As for makeup, I just love my usual cat-eye liner, and lately I've been adding a little bit of eyeshadow to accentuate the cat-eye look. But one thing I am TOTALLY diggin' that I don't usually dig is lipstain.
I own the Cover Girl Outlast lipstain, which I wear nearly every other day. Anyone who knows me knows my absolute loathing of lipstick, however, lipstain fixes all the problems I have with lipstick. I hate the stickyness, how it gets on your teeth, and how it wears off when you eat (because I am always eating). Lipstain is just like a marker for your lips, and I love that. All the color with none of the downfall! :D

Well, I think this is it for my favorites post. I hope it was something you guys enjoyed. Expect a Brave review within the next couple days, as well as a July wants post! I hope you guys have a wonderful week, filled with lots of popsicles, air conditioning and swimming. And if it's not warm where you are, stay bundled up!

Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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