Monday, July 9, 2012

In a Funk

Hey everyone. It's been wonderful overcast these past couple days. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I said I would. I've just felt like I'm stuck in a terrible funk. So here's a little bit of a personal blog for today. Don't feel obligated to read it, just scroll past or wait for next blog post :]

So yesterday (kind of today) I stayed up until 5ish or 6ish (yes, AM) watching a wonderful show called Breaking Bad. I fell asleep on the couch downstairs which is so weird because I usually have to go upstairs because my downstairs room scares the crap out of me.

I always get in states like this when I affiliate myself with things having to do with meth. I've never done any drugs in my life, ever. But I've always been really fascinated with meth. I wrote a fifteen page paper for my AP Language and Composition class about meth (by the way, I got a 3 on that AP test.). I enjoy reading books about meth and hardcore drugs in general.

I remember this time was reading Tweak by Nic Sheff whilst listening to Hollywood Undead, and I just get in this zombie like state. And I become this character who's always high on meth, I'm not really but I always sleep and lose my appetite. Whenever I read books I feel like I become the main character. Or watch TV.  It's so weird. Does anybody else do that?

Uhhh, yesterday I saw Brave again. I dressed goth and went with my boyfriend and his friends. I forgot to take pictures :C I thought it was good, actually, I saw it in 3D, which I didn't think was as good as seeing it in 2D. So, if you're going to see Brave, stick with 2D. Much better quality.

I also am planning on doing this HUUGGGGEEE thrift haul because my grandma and mom and I went thrifting at some garage sales and we got a bag full of clothes for two bucks. It was a wonderful steal. School starts again for me in about a month. Hopefully my abundance of doing things will make for better blogging.

I think I should make a day where I always post. I've been too afraid of doing that in case I forget to. Or get lazy. But let's say I'll post every Tuesday. Tomorrow, even. Tuesday it is. And I'll try to use my queue too, in case I know I won't be able to post. And then other posts not on Tuesday will be extra and awesome :]

Well, I'm off to reblog things. If you want to follow, I definitely post more often, but they;re just reblogged pictures. Sometimes NSFW due to my active sex positive posts and the occasional excessive gore reblogs. Please, if you do follow, be prepared. 

I'll be talking to you guys tomorrow, and I hope your summer's going well :]
Yours Truly, Jamie♥

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